Night vision

Want to see whatŐs in your sisterŐs diary?

By: A Buly


       Want to know whatŐs in your sisterŐs diary? Then go in her room and look at it. But sheŐs probably in her room all the time. Then just go at night. But you canŐt see, so get night vision. Want to know what it is how and it works and a little history about it.

What night vision is and does.

This paragraph is about what night vision is. Night vision looks like pare of goggles, the goggles are a type of goggles to help you see in the dark. Night vision doesnŐt just come as goggles it also comes in scopes, cars, on helicopters, and video cameras or security cameras. The people who use night vision are people who are in the army, hunters, and cops. The word night a means the time after sun down, the word vision means you have the ability to see.

This paragraph is about how night vision works. Night vision works with three kinds of lights: (according to Mr. Welch, which I do not know where he got it) visible, infrared, and ultra violet. Visible light is the light that people can see. Infra red is what some animals see in the dark. Ultra violet is when a black light is on.


This paragraph is about the history of night vision. According to Jeff Tyson, Night vision was invented by the United States in World War ll. The first generation they used active infrared. Then they tried passive infrared.  They called it Starlight.  This generation was much better because you didnŐt need to project the infrared light.  It just worked without it.  The only problem was that our war enemies copied the idea, so we needed to think of something else.  (Generation 3)