Cool, accurate, Internet, and Wireless

By Dillon Jacobsen
January 4, 2008


Do you have a Nintendo DS?  I do.  Did you know that a DS can connect to another DS?  And, guess what!  You donŐt need wires!  You just sit by each other and you point your DSŐs at each other, and then youŐre connected.  According to Mr. Welch you can believe that you can do exactly the same thing with your computer and the Internet?  You can, but you have to have a special thing called   Wi-Fi.  In my report, I will tell you what it is, how it works, and its history.



What WiFi is and does

This paragraph is about what WiFi is and does. According to Tracy Wilson, WiFi is a device that can connect to the Internet.  WiFi stands for wireless Fidelity. The only resign we have the WiFi is so we may connect to the Internet.  

What does WiFi stand for? It stands for Wireless Fidelity The WiFi is so cool you may just forget to go to school you are just home using WiFi.  

 How many wirers does the WiFi hold? It holds zero wirers do you know why?

How WiFi Works

How can the WiFi connect with out wirers?



The WiFi is really cool because you can get on the Internet faster and way quicker so you may tock to a friend and not be bored at all.  I like the WiFi a lot it is so cool you will never be bored again isnŐt that awesome yaw I thought so it is cool. According to Dr. Robot, the WiFi robot is cool also there both cool because they use the Internet with them. The only thing I like the WiFi is because it uses the Internet. The Internet is so cool because you can look at all kinds of things like animals isnŐt that cool donŐt you think because I do it is so cool.


Can it can it not connect? It can connect to a lot of things mostly the Internet.


How much do WiFi coast? They may coast one hundred dollars or one million dollars I do not really now because I do not own one


This Paragraph is about The WiFi? WIFI stands for wireless Fidelity. But did you now that the WiFi robot is way cooler.      You can leave your WiFi robot at home and do something else and watch your home at the same time it is so cool.

WiFi robot is a lot of money it is more money then the WiFi you know why because WiFi robot is more popular then the WiFi that is why it is more money.                             

 History of WiFi?

How many people use WiFi History? According to Wi-Fi History The WiFi Is really popular because all kinds of people use the WiFi When you use the WiFi you get connected to the internet way faster then just going to the internet it takes about three minuets you know what I mean when you use the WiFi you think hay this is awesome why didnŐt they invent this 29 years ago why didnŐt they. The WiFi is really cool donŐt you now I think it is awesome I wish I bout this thing ten years ago this thin is awesome. I wish I could stay home all day using the WiFi. WiFi is used a lot the WiFi rules so very hard if I had the WiFi I would stay home from school to bad I canŐt do it at all but I wish I could really I do not kidding I really wish.