The magical rocking awesome cool night visionJ

By super womanJ


Have you ever been shocked?  I donŐt mean by electricity.  I mean, have you been shocked by information?  If you like night vision read my report nowLJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will shock you because it tells stuff almost nobody knows.  Shocking, isnŐt it? So find out what that is.J 


What night vision is and does

This paragraph is about what night vision is. According to Mr. Welch it is some kind of device that letŐs you see in the dark.  For example, when soldiers are fighting at night, they canŐt see whatŐs going on.  Also, some hunters love hunting at night.  How will they know what to shoot?  How will they know if itŐs an elk or a buffalo? With night vision they can see what they are shooting.

This paragraph is about what night vision does!  It is something that lets people in the army see in the dark so they donŐt shot each other.


This paragraph is about how night vision works!

   Night vision is something that helps fireman see in the dark to save people in a fire itŐs really cool!

This paragraph is about how night vision helps people! . Night vision is something that letŐs people see in the dark like policeman it helps policeman to see in the dark to put people in jail?

How night vision works

This paragraph is about how night vision is helpful for heroes! Night vision is helpful because you can use it to save lifeŐs like a nurse or a doctor or a fireman or a policeman and so many other people thatŐs why I love night visionJ 

This paragraph is about video cameras can night vision be in them? According to me and my mom the answer is defiantly yes so that means you can go some where dark and get out your video camera and turn it on night vision and it looks so awesome!

This paragraph is about If night vision can be used on cars? Yes people use it all the time! Not really all the time but still. Like in the middle of the night people use it to see where they are going and if they are going to hit somebody or something

This paragraph is about jets can they have night vision in them?   Defiantly yes jets use them a lot I think they use them to find lost people and I bet night vision helps jets a lot!    


According to ME!!!!!!! ThatŐs what I know about interesting night visionJJJJ/LLLL