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Have you ever wanted an electric guitar or an ipod that was 100$? But your mom said ŌnoĶ, or you didnÕt have enough money so you would wail? You would, if you didnÕt half to spend your money on gas and just get a hybrid car instead! They run on electricity & gas or just electricity so you donÕt have to worry about the gas prices. If you like this read the rest of my technology report. It tells you what hybrid car does, what hybrid car is, and ware you can by a hybrid car.    

What HYBRID CAR does.

What hybrid car does    WHAT HYBRID Cares.  What it dose is it helpÕs you save money because the gas prices are outrages and there getting even more outrages but thereÕs a way to not worry about the outrages gas prices if you by a Hybrid car some of them run only on electricity and otherÕs run on gas and electricity and it has like 2 engines even though it is a lot of money to by. ItÕs all worth it.

 What Hybrid car is.

A Hybrid a car is that runÕs on electricity and some of them run on electricity and gas and a lot of them look really cool so donÕt spend your money on gas just get a hybrid car youÕll save a lot of money and it gets good gas mileage.   


so are you going to buy  a hybrid car?