Anti Breaking System can be very safe

By Crusher


If you were driving up to Park City on the mountain to see a snowboarding contest and you donÕt have ABS you might slip off the mountain crash on to the ground and blow up, but if you do have ABS all you have to do slam on the brakes the wheels would just stop go, stop go, so if you want to live read my report. In this report I am going to tell you, what does ABS do, how does ABS work, and the history about ABS.

What does ABS do?

This paragraph is about what ABS does.    ABS is so popular because it can stop you car so fast that you will never crash into a tree and die because of ABS wheel and so safe or you wont die in a car accident. ItÕs so good that you can even stop in water and wonÕt spin around and die.


a. What is ABS Description?        ABS is a kind of motor wheel that stops you car faster than a regular wheel and itÕs much bigger than a regular wheel. The wheel will never pop because even if it looks full it will never ever pop and thatÕs really alsome.


b.  What ABS does?     ABS just stops your car really really fast when you slam on the brakes and slowly slow down. Even in a massive snow storm and you canÕt see anything and you are about to fall off an edge so if you donÕt have ABS you would probably go right off the edge, but if you do have ABS you do have ABS you would just stop on the edge of it.


c. ABS define is?   ABS description is Automatic Braking System another name for it is Anti Braking System The word Anti is a really cool name for things.









How ABS Works

This paragraph is about how ABS works.  If you were in a massive snowstorm and your car was out of control all you had to do was just slam on the brakes and your Anti Braking System car would just slowly slow down the car when you have your brakes down you could also turn. On the back of it there is a sensor that detects the wheels so if you go to fast it will just stop go stop go and so on.


How many channels does ABS have? According to Julia Layton four-channel, four-sensor ABS - This is the best scheme. There is a speed sensor on all four wheels and a separate valve for all four wheels. With this setup, the controller monitors each wheel individually to make sure it is achieving maximum braking force.

Does it have electric in it? So it's no wonder that auto engineers have been adding electronic systems to help drivers remain in control while they brake, and to help them stop their vehicles safely. So ABS brakes does use electric to power the wheels up.


The Great History of ABS Brakes


Who invented ABS? According to Wikipedia Anti-lock braking systems were first developed for aircraft in 1929 by the French automobile and aircraft pioneer Gabriel Voisin.


When did the ABS start? According to Wikipedia ABS has been available on U.S. vehicles since 1978. Mercedes-Benz was the first to install anti-lock brakes on production cars. By 1986, Cadillac began adding it to its high-end luxury cars. It has even been famous in the days planes were invented they used ABS to land plane so they donÕt skid across the field


Now I have told you three reasons about how ABS can be very, very safe for every body.