I want Wi-Fi for Christmas Mommy  

By: Nosnhoj Siskela



Lets say that one night a weird man was in your back yard with a laptop.  Do you feel safe?  The man wants to connect to your Wi-Fi router so he can get into your Internet.  Would you like this weird man to steal your password, your credit card information, or your social security number? What would you do?  You better read my report to find out how to stay safe with Wi-Fi. This report will be about what Wi-Fi is and what it does, how it works, and a few surprises and then the answer to this intro.

What Wi-Fi is and what it does

Wi-Fi is incredible.  According to Julia Layton, Wi-Fi is a wireless way to connect to the Internet. Wi-Fi is just a short name for it. It really means wireless fidelity.   What if you have three computers and a Wii would you rather have three cords for your computers and another cord for your Wii or just have Wi-Fi. I thought so (HowStuffWorks.com).

DonŐt do it.  If you have a laptop and your neighbor has Wi-Fi you can go into their yard and use their Wi-Fi and get into their computer diary and read their secrets and get their password but remember the golden rule, Do unto others as you want others to do unto you, and plus if you really do that you could get in big trouble and have to pay a fine or go to jail because that is illegal so please donŐt do it because remember the golden rule.             

 Why do they call Wi-Fi wireless fidelity. Why do the inventors call Wi-Fi wireless fidelity? Well I was wondering that too when I came across the Internet and looked it up and found out that Wi-Fi is a wireless way to connect to the Internet and the fidelity means accuracy so that means that you will hit the Internet strait on and not miss it.

How it works

 How the Wi-Fi works. If you have Wi-Fi you can buy a computer and get to the Internet with out a wire. I think that is so cool. The Wi-Fi doesnŐt need to be plugged in now that is awesome.

what Wi-Fi uses. Wi-Fi does use batteries and they are big and roundish, but Wi-Fi doesnŐt need a plug like most things that do that kind of stuff you know what I mean donŐt you?

Surprises about the Wi-Fi


Super wires. Did you know that the Wi-Fi doesnŐt use wires? Well it doesnŐt. I think that is so cool. If you have a Wi-Fi you can use the Internet from 100 or 20 feet, it depends on how good the Wi-Fi is and how good your computer is.  

Some facts. I know I have been telling you facts all along but here are some more interesting facts that you may not know. Did you know that there is a new Wi-Fi phone so your friend might look like she (or he) is talking on the phone but did you know they could really be using the Internet? Did you know that there is now a raptor Wi-Fi that can fly? Well if you didnŐt there you have it, a flying Wi-Fi. Also there is a Wi-Fi shaped like a bunny that can light up.

Answer.   Do you remember that intro paragraph about what might happen to you if you have a Wi-Fi and you see a man (or a woman) in your backyard, so here is your answer. First of all we need to make sure that you know what the person looks like. Second, you need to call the cops at all times if some one is in your back yard, describe the person to the cops and tell them that the person has a laptop with them, Third, wait for the cops to get there. Make sure that the man is steel there. If he has left your house you call the cops and they will probably look for him and maybe find him and take him to jail.


Follow up on attention-getter. Review main ideas.