The great WiFi that lets you get on the Internet without using wires.

By Lollypop


Do you want to what WiFi is and does? Did you ever want to know if there is a WiFi robot? Do you ever think that some guy wanted your password to your security system so he could break into your house without setting off the alarm? Do you want to know if people can do that then read my report!!!

What WiFi is and does.

Do you know all the facts about what wifi is? According to Mr. Welch WiFi is short for wireless fidelity. It doesnŐt have any wires. It lets you connect to the Internet with out using wires. What if you have 4 computers, a wii, a playstation2, and a laptop would you rather have 7 wires or a WiFi? I think that is pretty obvious. This little guy is called a WiFi robot.

So you want to know if people can really do that. According to Matt Hines ŇRunning a home network with no security is akin to unlocking your door and hanging a sign on your house inviting thieves inside to steal," Ingression said. "It's easy to see how for someone with no real training, figuring out how to protect yourself might seem nearly impossible."


I hope you liked my report. Do you think it is true? Well if you didnŐt it is. Here is a picture of wifi.

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