The way to have perfect vision

By Humhumhnukanukapua’a

The Intro of my report

Do you have glasses or contacts? Don’t you just hate wearing them? I have some information in my report that will hopefully tell you about lasik and what it does. Here’s a fact that will tell you a little bit about lasik but if you want to know quite a few things about lasik then you will have to read the rest of my report. According to the surgery lasik the surgeons only remove less than a hairs width of tissue from your cornea. There’s one fact about Lasik but you will have to read the rest my report to hear some more. This report will tell you some history, what it does, Facts, and other things you should know about lasik the lifesaver.

What Lasik is and does, etc.

Do you know what lasik is?  Lasik is a surgery that is done on your eyes. It makes it so you don’t have to ware glasses. People who ware contacts or glasses mostly use this surgery. I think that should have been invented a long time ago.  Lasik is wonderful. (   


What happens after you get lasik?  Lasik is a surgery, as you might already know. Lasik makes it so that you won’t have to ware those annoying glasses or contacts. My mom hates glasses and contacts. I don’t know if they are annoying because I don’t have any of them.      


  What lasik is done with? Lasik is done with a laser. Well actually first the surgeon use a tool to cut a flap of the eye. Then the surgeon takes the laser and puts it where the flap of the eye used to be. Then the laser gets to the back of the eye and reshapes your cornea. That sounds scary!! (

Facts about lasik


How the surgeons do the surgery.  Doctors first make a flap to put the laser in. Then the doctors use a laser to reshape the cornea. Usually when the doctors are doing the surgery on little children they will have stuffed animals for them to hold on to so they won’t try to touch there face. (  


Are there any risks with lasik? According to Microsoft Corp there are actually risks with taking lasik but if you go to a skilled doctor you won’t really have to worry about anything. Each person heals differently. (Www. 


Do you know what lasik stands for?   According to Mr. Welch, the “L” in lasik stands for “Laser”. The “A” stands for “Assisted”. The “SI” stands for “Situ”. The “K” stands for a really long word “Keratomimleusis”. Keratomimleusis means to carve the eye. Pretty gross.  I’m glad that I don’t have to have this surgery. (  


Do you want to know if lasik is painful? According to Microsoft Corp lasik is not painful. Before the surgeons actually do the surgery they put some eye drops in your eyes to numb them so you won’t feel anything when the surgeons are doing the surgery. (  

Other things about lasik

Do you know what the do it yourself kit is? According to Mr. Welch the do it yourself kit is a kit that you can do lasik by yourself. Here is how you use it. First, go into a quiet room where nobody is. Then take the laser and put it over your eye. Next, turn on the laser and then the surgery starts. (


Do you want to know how long it takes to heal from lasik? I will tell you. Lasik only takes up to 3 days to heal from. It doesn’t take that long does it? So if you were a parent you would only need to take off 3 days of work. ( 


How long does it last? Lasik doesn’t exactly last. Usually after six months a patient will either have to have another surgery of lasik. Some people may ask this question. “Is Lasik painful”? Surprisingly Lasik is not painful. Less than a hairs width of tissue is removed. (  

The conclusion of lasik

Did you like my report, well if you read it that is?  So if you don’t want to wear contacts or glasses, go and get lasik to help your eyesight. Make your life much easier! Go and get lasik (RIGHT NOW. I MEAN IT!!!).