No more chores for you

By robot man


Why do you? Think my title is no more chores for you keep reading it will tell you what it is what it does and how it works and who uses robots

What a robot is and does

Do you want to know what a robot is. A robot is something that does things by you telling it to. A robot is also something that dose dangers things that people canÕt do. It also dose stuff that people donÕt.

What a robot dose.  A robot dose stuff that a person programs it to. It also doses dangers stuff like defusing bombs. Like that kind of things.


WHO USES ROBOTS?  Who uses robots ME! I use robot a robot is called a cell phone it dose not walk or any thing like that but it uses a device that can call people with out a wire its like a laser that goes to the satalight and goes to the other phone and it can go to the internet and search for videos of robots doing stuff. But it has some problems like it wonÕt call people wonÕt text people and it drops callÕs and thatÕs who uses it.  

How It Works

What parts of a robot?  You use a remote to control the robot and it uses a sensor to see were it goes so it does not run into any thing and a lot of wires and a little chip


That is why robots are unique.