`Hate contacts/glasses? Do lasik!

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Have you ever lost your glasses or contacts? IsnÕt it such a pain?? Your mom gets mad at you and you canÕt see! But there is one way to fix your problems. Lasik is a solution to your problems! What is lasik? What does it do? What does lasik stand for? How old do you have to be to do lasik? Who made lasik?  If you want to find out you will have to read this report!

What Lasik is and Does

This paragraph is about what Lasik is. Lasik is an eye surgery that helps your eyes. Lasik has lots of equipment because itÕs a surgery. Lasik helps your eyes so that you can see well. There is a lasik home kit that you can do by yourself but going to the hospital and doing lasik surgery is much more safer.


This paragraph is about what Lasik does.  Lasik helps your eyes so that you donÕt need glasses or contacts. So if you hate wearing glasses and contacts do lasik surgery.


IÕm going to talk about what lasik stands for. Lasik stand for a really long word. It stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. Since Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is a long word, people just say ŌLasik.Ķ The K in Lasik means to carve the eye.

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This paragraph is about how Lasik works. According to Delaware eyes there are three steps for Lasik. First, A hinged flap is created with a microkeratome. Then the flap is lifted carefully up, exposing the underlying corneal surface. Second, Pulses of Excimer laser energy gently reshapes the surface of the cornea. Third, the corneal flap is replaced. The flap naturally seals to the cornea without stitches. But since it hurts, they put the eye to sleep. That means they numb the eye before they do the surgery.

History of Lasik

This paragraph is about the history of Lasik.  According to media.net in 1990, Dr. Lucio Buratto and Dr. Loannis Pallikaris pioneered the lasik technique. They blended two prior techniques. Dr. Jose Barraquer in 1990 developed a device that could cut thin flaps in the cornea and alter its shape. This device was the Microkeratome and the procedure was called Keratomileusis. They invented lasik because they wanted to make life better for people that had eyes that are misshaped.

This paragraph is about who performed the first excimer and lasik procedure.  According to locateadoc.com in 1987 Theo Seiler performs first excimer treatment on the human eye. Then in 1991 Stephen Brint performed the first LASIK procedure.


How old do you have to be to do lasik? According to wikianswers you have to be 18 or older. It is because your eyes are mature enough to do lasik surgery when you are 18 or older.


Now do you get what Lasik is and does? Lasik is awesome donÕt you think? If you hate your glasses or contacts, then do lasik when your 18 years old!!