LASIK the new eye surgery
that fixes your eyesÉ.

By StarQueen


Hey! Did you know that there is a LASIK home kit that only costs $100? Are you interested in LASIK? Well if you are, this report tells you about LASIK history, how LASIK works, and what LASIK stands for. If you want to find out about all these things, then read the rest of this report!

What LASIK is and what it does

This paragraph is about what LASIK is. According to Mr. Welch, LASIK is a surgery done with lasers so you donŐt have to wear glasses or contacts. There is even a home kit that only costs $100.  Trust me, real LASIK is way more expensive and way less dangerous.

This paragraph is about what LASIK does. LASIK makes your eyesight better so that you donŐt have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. I think that it would be helpful to people that wear glasses or contacts.

The definition of LASIK is awesome! According to my 5th grade friend, the word LASIK means Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomimuleusis. (Wow! That is a really long word!) It means to use a laser to carve your eye.  It is much easier to say ŇLASIKÓ than it is to say, ŇLaser Assisted in blah, blah, blah.Ó

How LASIK Works

This paragraph is about how LASIK works. According to, first, the doctor carves the top part of the eye then beams a laser in the carved part of the eye. Then, the doctor puts the section of the carved part of the eye back on the eye.

This paragraph is about what LASIK uses. According to Mr. Welch, LASIK uses a laser. It also uses a carving material so that the doctor can carve the eye easier. The carving item is very sharp so that it is good for carving the part of the eye. It also is more protective then doing LASIK yourself.


This paragraph is about what other technology LASIK works with. LASIK works with a knife too!! ItŐs another way to do LASIK eye surgery. Instead of the carving item, they use a knife.  (That is really dangerous!)

 This paragraph is about what parts LASIK has. LASIK has a laser, and a carving item to carve the eye. It is a better way then using a knife to carve the eye. The laser is the most important part of LASIK. It makes peopleŐs eyesight better!! Without the laser, then it would be no help to the people with their eye misshaped.

 History Of LASIK

This paragraph is about LASIK history like who invented, when it was invented, and why it was invented. According to Wikipedia, Dr. Loannis Pallikaris and Dr. Lucio Buratto blended their techniques and got LASIK. LASIK was invented in the 1990Ős. LASIK was invented because the doctors wanted a better future for people that had their eye misshaped.