Wonderful world of Wi-Fi

By  a rock star cutie


Wifi is so cool!!! You can have multiple connections to the Internet and not lose connection with out wiresJ! IT IS SO COOL!!!  This is a report about how great and the dangers it has and what the wifi robots are how it works, history and wifi vs. cellular

What is so great about Wifi and what does it do?

This paragraph is about Wireless fidelity other wise known as Wifi. Wifi is sort for wireless fidelity. Wireless of course means no wires used instead of wires it uses invisible signals that go through the air. Fidelity means accuracy. When connecting to the Internet, fidelity would tell how well an electronic system would remake the sound or picture from the input signal. O.K letÕs say you have an ipod and a Wii so you have to have a wire for the Wii and ipod then you have to have extra wires to make sure it works so you have like four or three wires for just the ipod and with the Wii it would be double!!! And it would be so messy so hereÕs were the Wifi comes in it makes everything easier there is no wires and it is so much cleaner. And it works by sending messages threw the air how easy . and you also need a router to do it

What is so bad about WIfi???

This is a paragraph about the dangers and down sides of WifiL.

According to Mr. Welch Wifi can have some down sides even though it sounds so great.  Like you can be looking at your email in a coffee shop then you look over and you see the email that you just read!!! Because well you know how people say to watch out because people can sniff your email well itÕs true and you know what the worst place to go with your laptop is the coffee shop, and you know how people say to watch out because people can sniff your email well itÕs true if you go in to a coffee shop with a wifi laptop people can sniff your email and they donÕt have to have some or any fancy equipment to do it!!! So watch out!!!


Do you know how wifi can get you sick for life!!! Do not forget that you can get cancer from the radiation of the wifi going back and fourth threw the wifi can send out some cancer in the air so I would watch out.  .

How does Wifi work?

This is a paragraph about how WIfi works.  Wifi is so cool you can connect to the Internet and it has multiple connections so can do multiple thing so your daughter can be on the Internet emailing and your son can be on his iPod and you can be on eBay and you wonÕt lose connection

. It works by sending messages through the air to other places. The typical Wi-Fi setup contains one or more Access Points (APs) and one or more clients. An AP broadcasts its SSID (Service Set Identifier, Network name) via packets that are called beacons, which are broadcasted every 100ms. The beacons are transmitted at 1Mbps, and are relatively short and therefore are not of influence on performance. Since 1Mbps is the lowest rate of Wi-Fi it assures that the client who receives the beacon can communicate at least 1Mbps. Based on the settings (i.e. the SSID), the client may decide whether to connect to an AP. Also the firmware running on the client Wi-Fi card is of influence. Say two AP's of the same SSID are in range of the client, the firmware may decide based on signal strength (Signal-to-noise


This is a about a history of the Wifi.


Wifi history is fascinating. According to Willcorp.com back in 1991, a company in the Netherlands invented Wi-Fi. At first, Wi-Fi was used to connect cashier checkout counters.  It was really, really fast.  Vic Hayes is considered the ŅFatherÓ of Wi-fi because he was on the team that invented it.  At first, Wi-fi was pretty expensive, but after Mr. Hayes worked on it a little, it got cheaper.


This is a paragraph about Wifi robots. Actually yes there are wireless robots that can connect to the internet and you can feed them and play with them on the internet and If they have a built in camera on it you can leave them at your house and you can go to work and watch your house from work and there is this new really cool thing it is wireless dinosaur called Pleo it has thirty-eight sensors so it knows if your petting it or picking it up!!! And you now laptops theyÕre also a WIfi machine because you now how most of the computers at houses have wires and lap tops donÕt so it is a Wifi machine.


This is a paragraph about Wifi toys. And also you would think kids fifteen and under shouldnÕt have a Wifi machine because they could brake it or something well think again there are some Wifi bugs and helicopters, dogs, cats, and robots and in they shape of all kinds of different things so see kids can have a Wifi machine.   The DS is all so a wifi machine



Wifi vs. cellular

According to willcorp.com some argue that Wi-Fi and related consumer technologies hold the key to replacing cellular telephone networks such as GSM. Some obstacles to this happening in the near future are missing roaming and authentication features (see 802.1x, SIM cards and RADIUS), the narrowness of the available spectrum and the limited range of Wi-Fi. It is more likely that WiMax could compete with other cellular phone protocols such as GSM, UMTS or CDMA. However, Wi-Fi is ideal for VoIP applications like in a corporate LAN or SOHO environment. Early adopters were already available in the late Ō90s; though not until 2005 did the market explode. Companies such as Zyxell, UT Starcomm, Samsung, Hitachi and many more are offering VoIP Wi-Fi phones for reasonable prices.

In 2005 ADSL ISP providers started to offer VoIP services to their customers (eg. the Dutch ISP XS4All). Since calling via VoIP is low-cost and more often being free, VoIP enabled ISPs have the potential to open up the VoIP market. GSM phones with integrated Wi-Fi & VoIP capabilities are being introduced into the market and have the potential to replace landline telephone services.

Currently it seems unlikely that Wi-Fi will directly compete against cellular. Wi-Fi-only phones have a very limited range, and so setting up a covering network would be too expensive. Therefore these kinds of phones may be best reserved for local use such as corporate networks. However, devices capable of multiple standards may well compete in the market.






So see wifi is cool you can have multiple connections and it is so much cleaner then a non-wifi objectÕs be thankful for wifi.