Fire your maid!
Get one you donŐt have to pay

By Me!!!!!!


Have you ever wanted a big beautiful mansion?  But you couldnŐt get one because you had to think of all the jobs you would have to do all day long. Well, I know of something that can make you not have to worry about it. No chores [maybe the money], but not chores. Keep reading to find out how. I can tell you what it is, how it works and the history the whole sha-bang if you keep reading.

 What a robot is and does.

All you need to know about robots. According to Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson he word robot comes from the Czech word ÔrobotaŐ it means drudgery. A robot is a mechanical piece of technology that is programmed to do what itŐs told. But you canŐt underestimate just what they can do.                                                                                                                   

There is so much robots do. Well, robots do what they are programmed to do like work on an assembly line or study Mars. It all depends on what it is programmed to do. NASA uses robots a lot. They use them to get thing around they use them for programming they use them a lot! 

 How robots work.

Robots are like a walk computer. Well, robot works like this they have a computer inside of them that control their actions. Most all robots have computers I mean all robots. Robots function on what they are programmed to do. Even if it is something as simple as putting a doll together



Energizer or gas? Well, it all depends. Some run on battery while others run on motors it all depends. Some you even plug in. robots all are different and do different thing that require different power sources. It all depends on what the environment around it is. 




History of robots

Why? What kind of a question is that?   According to Mary Bellis robots were invented so humans didnŐt have to do thing that are too difficult or they are too lazy to do. Robots do jobs like going examine Mars. Or collect magma maybe just entertain. They where invented to pull thing or do dangerous jobs. I heard on the Internet that there was something called Ôsteam manŐ who pulled around a cart.


An amazing invention!  Well, there are a lot of different robots so it depends on what robot you are talking about. Leonardo Da Vinci made the designs for the first humanoid robot. And some say he built it. The robot was designed sit and move itŐs jaw when it walked. I think that would have been amazing for the time.


           When did we start understanding things being automatic? Well, According to Jaeger in 250 B.C. Ctesibius of Alexandria built an organ and water clocks thatŐs arms could move. That gave the idea of moving parts. They moved by water like water wheels. Pretty cool for there time. Hun 

WhatŐs interesting about robots?

There are sooooo many different types of robots. Like take a humanoid robot for example. They are in the natural shape of a human. Then, look at snake robots. They slide with their joins on the ground with a snake like shape. There are even vacuum cleaner robots.  





So can you get that mansion now? You worried about choirs still? I told you all I promised: what they are, what they do, how they work, their history, and whatŐs interesting about them. So if you get that mansion let me come over. I hope you liked the report.