Robots are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Author Unknown


Ok letŐs say you need to lift this big rock that probably weighs a couple of tons so what are you going do about it?  You are going to get a robot.  The great report will be about what robots are and what they do, and how robots work. 

What robots are and what they do

I will tell you about what robots do in this world.  According to Mary Bellis, robots today are very high-tech.  They can do many things like they can work on cars or something.  That is so boring that robots do it.  It can be some of the most dangerous jobs that robots can do.  It just makes sense for a robot to do it.


 This is a paragraph about how robots work.

Robots need some motors it will madder what it dose to tell how many computers it needs and other parts.  According to Tom Harris, all robots have the main parts of a human.  Also all robots works just like a human, of course, it will have a motor of some sort, and a computer brain and a sensor and such.



If you donŐt like work, then you should get a robot.