The magical world of robots

                                                                                                                                            By shopping girl the 3


Hey, Guys! Come here! I got great news!  For those of you who hate to do housework, I got some great news for you.  Robots can do your housework. For those of you who are worried about the people who do dangerous jobs, I got some great news for you. A robot can do dangerous jobs, like building cars for you. For those of you who own a toy factory, I got some great news for you.  Robots can build your toys for you.  But, for those of you who clean houses for a living, build cars for a living, or make toys for a living, I got some bad news for you.  You’re going to get fired, and replaced by a robot.  Read this report to find out what robots are, how they work, history, and a few surprises.


What it is and does

This paragraph is about robot jobs. People are using robots right this second. They are taking away work from people. These people are getting fired because of robots. But the job is too hard and it can hurt people.  So, this  is actually a good thing.  People need a safer job, so the robot does the dangerous ones.


Who uses it? 

All people do and it makes other people want more

It is a good when people use them. It is a good how people made them and I hop there are more people how uses robots.  Don’t forget Mary Bellis 



How Robots Work

  you know that robots are doing all kinds of things for you now? Come here, and listen to this.  Robots are doing all the hard work, and guess what? Everyone is going to have it  amazing so got one it so cool and all business used them but people are getting fired but I think it is a good idea so people don’t get hurt. But robots are the further.   


People just can it an enough

 Of robots. What do they do. Robot have differs. Where can robot got gas. What are ipod doing with robot

The History of Robots

This paragraph is about where the word “Robots.”  The word robot comes from a Czech word “robota.”  It m. Can robots lie. Can robot hurt? Robot can be on t.v. Can robot talk in differs                                                                                                                                              languish



Topic Sentence.  Robots are not as bad as people say.

Topic Sentence.  Robots are not got crated

Topic Sentence.  robots are not cool

Topic Sentence.  robots are getting smarter

Topic Sentence.  robot can be bet


This a robot history surprises and how it works