I Think Robots Are Awesome!

By cutie patutie


How would you like to check a bomb?  How would you like it if someone checked for you? I wouldnÕt like to check a bomb.  There is a way you donÕt have to.  Find out how in my report.  READ IT, ENJOY IT!  And my report has lots of information in it.  I am going to teach you what it is, how it works, the history of it, and what it does.                                                                                                                                   

What it is and does

This paragraph is about what Robots are.  Robots are a kind of computer thing and they are a hard kind of thing to make. I think that it was kind of hard to make robots well at least Most of them.  Robots are a great help to people in lots and lots of ways like a lot of help (according to Marshall Brain.)

This paragraph is about what Robots do. Ro bots do many things but the most important thing is they do things that people donÕt want to do.  Like they can go check a bomb.  Or they can go to a scary place and check that out.

This paragraph is about defining the word. The word Robots mean that they are a kind of a computer thing they are a piece of technology.  They are a thing that is a really great help to people in the world that have them.  I really donÕt know what the word Robots mean.

How it works

How it works.  On most of them they have a button on them that you push to make it turn on and so if you push it again then it will turn off.  And other robots might have a red and green button so the red button turns it off and the green button turns it on.

What it uses. Robots can use many things for it to get it started.  And some have chips and a mother  board.  And some have batteries to work it and to get it started.  Robots used some computer and I think it has a computer for its brain.  They have at least two computers in the Robots hole body according to Adam (I forgot his last name).  

Robots parts.  Robots have arms, legs, electricity, and it has ears but they canÕt hear out of them.  They have speakers that they can speak out of.  They eat electricity.  They have mostly everything that a human has well almost everything.

How a Specific piece of Robots Work.  Well the leg works in a way but   I think it works with a kind of computer in its leg so thatÕs how it works according to Adam (I forgot what his last name is).  It has a kind of chip in its leg.  The leg must have some sort of technology in it.  In the arm there might be a computer too in the arm in its body.  I think there might be a kind of chip in there.  Or there might be a kind of machine in it that lets it move.                                                       

About Robots parts. Robots parts are Legs, arms, speakers and there is ears those are the parts on a robot according to Mr. Welch.  The arms on a robot are a kind of machine that moves.  The arms can move in a weird way they go in a slow motion way.  They have speakers so you can hear them speak.  They also can hear you through one of there parts but I donÕt know what part that is called.     

History of it

History of it.  Robots are used for very special things.  They are used for choirs and lots of other stuff.  They help people in lots of things if they canÕt do things the robots can help.  They can do the trash they can make you food and they can do lots and lots of other stuff.  You can be surprised of what robots can do to help people.

Who invented it?  The person who invented it was, I donÕt know but who ever it was did a very cool invention.  Because Robots is a smart, helping, and cool machine.  They help in a lot of ways to people and things that have them because I bet they are helping in a lot of ways.   

Why they were made.  Robots were made because they help a lot and they wanted to make a kind of machine.  They just decided to make this kind of machine to help people in ways.  The robots have some kind of machine in their bodies.  They also made the robots because they were inventing something and they named it robots.

What they do.  Robots do lots of things they walk, they run, they even do the chicken run J.K. any who they do help people in ways.  They also go check bombs for people.   Some of them are programmed to make peoples beds.  They can also be programmed to cook for people so they can eat.  They are also programmed to clean peopleÕs houses. They are also programmed to do any thing if a person is sick and canÕt go to a very important thing if they have to go there according     


Now you know a lot about Robots and your probable getting tired of it and want to stop so at least you read my report and you know a lot about it so WeÕre going to stop right now so bye read me later.  And I hope you READ IT and ENJOYED IT!  Thanks for reading my report.