Throw away binoculars and flashlights and get night vision!

By The cool kid


Night vision! Have you ever wanted to throw away your flashlight and binoculars? Read my report to find out what else there is to learn. I will talk about its history and what it is and does.

What Night vision is and does

Night vision does some incredible things. According to Mr. Welch, Night Vision is something that will help you see better. According to a person, lots of people say it saved a lot of lives, and I believe it.  If night vision really helps you see at night, then it probably saved a policeman.  For example, if a robber is hiding in the dark from a policeman, the policeman can see him.  If a fireman canŐt see in the dark and smoke, then he uses night vision to save people who might be hidden.  Finally, soldiers can have their lives saved.  YouŐll find out about that later in my history section (

Who uses night vision? Lets find out. According to Mr. Welch policeman and a lot more people use night vision?  Now I am going to tell you who else uses it? Hunters use night vision and fireman and soldiers also people in the war. ThatŐs who uses night vision.  For example, a hunter uses night vision so you can hunt at the nighttime.


The great inventors of night vision! 

 Do you know who invented Night vision well I do and I am going to tell you who did? Do you know what is very interesting the whole entire US army invented it? I know it saved a lot of people in the war because people were shooting each other because they could not see in the dark and they invented night vision so they could see in the dark. So people would not shoot each other during the war.



 Hey now you can throw away those flashlights and binoculars because they invented night vision arenŐt you lucky.