Annoying glasses and annoying contacts no more of that

By super dog


       If you want to get rid of your glasses then read this interesting report it is quite interesting so read about it and find out how this report will blow your mind away. If you are not interested my report try it and it will get interesting. It has what lasik is and does and how it works.

What lasik is and does

This paragraph is about the aquard lasik. Lasik is a surgery that fixes the shape of your eye and makes it so you donŐt have to were glasses (or contacts.)(According to FDA) If youŐre sick and tired of glasses then get lasik so you have no more glasses or contacts donŐt waste time and get lasik. If you are scared donŐt be. Why would you be scared? Try the at home lasik kit and be safe from lasik pleas try it now.


This paragraph is about wonderful lasik word of stands for lasik stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. (According to FDA) Keratomileusis means to carve the eye. Situ I have no idea. Every one knows what assisted it stands for some one watching you and laser stands for a beam of light that normally is red. And it I so hot that if I was to touch it I would probably get burnt. P.S donŐt ever touch a light.


How lasik works

This paragraph is about the horrible risks of lasik

There are many risks of lasik. (According to FDA) Like going blind or having an eye shaped funny or plain simply losing an eye and that can be really bad and dangerous for a little kid. If you have ever thought about getting lasik then here you found the answer to your questions. And try to be really still when the surgery is being done.

This paragraph is about how it is done. When they do lasik surgery first they take this razor and cut a flap with the eyeball peace of the eye. (According to Mr. Welch) Then they take a laser and fix the shape of the eyes and make it so you can have a better vision.


And that is my so call really good report.