The Robot Stole The Job That I Had

By IN8


Hi. IÕm glad you picked this report on the Robot. Mostly because itÕs mine. I bet you donÕt know half the information in this report. You will learn things you didnÕt know before. I have 3 main ideas for you to read: What A Robot Is And Does, How The Robot Works, History Of The Robot, and other. I have ten paragraphs. I hope it takes you a while to read this. Please finish my report or youÕll be really sorry that you didnÕt without getting hurt. Trust me you will need to finish my report. It will help you decide if you need to get one. This might persuade you to do so. This will be such a great report that you will want to memorize it, tell your friends, and get one your self. Just remember that robots are awesome because they can get smarter. You may think that they get you fired but people still need to control them. These things work in mansions, car workshops, and some even work in your home. Those one are entertaining robots. But thatÕs all I can tell you.

What A Robot Is And Does

Read This paragraph about what a robot is.  A robot is and can be a toy. It also can be a mechanical human. A robot is basically something mechanical. The robot can be used anywhere. It runs on things that a car can run on. A robot can be used for jobs that are too dangerous for a human. It also takes the job of some people. Robots also do well in entertainment. Some people use robots for gifts. I have a robot myself.


Right here is what a robot does. A robot does jobs that are too dangerous for a human. To some people the robot entertains. Its one of the best thing to give for Christmas. ThatÕs because it entertains. Robots are better at jobs that are too dangerous for the human. But still you can use them for entertainment. Heres a picture of a robot that entertains



         You better read this paragraph about who uses the robot.  The people who use the robot are the people who have jobs to dangerous for a human. But people still control the robot. Also people use the robot for entertainment.

How the robot work

Who told you about the robots power source?  The power source of the robot is electricity. It can get electricity from many places. Most robots use batteries. Some robots can use gas.


How to get a robot to work. The robot uses a controller. Some robots have Wi-Fi. Most robots have a cord. What it does is it sends a signal from the electricity in your hand through the controller that has a wire for each button.


I wonder what the robot needs to work? All robots have a controller. Some robots will be programmed. Robots have arms, legs, eyes, and sensors. Some robots have different parts. Like a robot that builds cars only have arms.

History of the robots

Who invented the robot? The person who came up with the first idea was Isaac asimove. George Devol and Joseph Incgelberger made the first robot.


When was the robot invented? According to Mary bellis the robot was invented in the 20th century.

How was the robot invented! According to Mary Bellis, in 1956, two men, named George Devol and Joseph Engelberger, had an important meeting. The two men discussed a book written by Isaac Asimov.  So, what happened was they discussed the laws of the robot and actually built one that followed the laws.  Their first robot (the Unimate) worked at a car factory. Engelberger started a company called Unimation, which stood for Universal Automation, the first company to make robots. If you want to read the whole article go toÉ



Did you say when the robot was made? When I found my information not just I but a classmate found it. We donÕt know when it was invented but we think it was 1956.



Did you knowÉ that the other topics the teacher gave us are used in robots? I was doing what the teacher told us to do and found out that robots have wifi. I also bet you didnÕt know that there are things that are on mars right now. One thing about robots is it can have many computers.


Did you know that the robot could play music like this one?


I bet you didnÕt know that the robot could fly?


If you read this report from top to bottom you should know a lot. I used a lot of websites. I hope it took fifteen minuets to read my report. If you tell your friends to read my report tell them these three main ideas: what a robot is and does, how the robot works, the history of the robot and other all have great info. Also tell them that this file is called ŌTHE ROBOT STOLE MY JOBĶ. My name is Isaac A. Mefford and this is my report. Thank for reading my report. I got this information from Mari bellis,,, and