My awesome wonderful wireless world

By Sandy


Don’t you hate it when your room is such a mess you cant step any where with out breaking something and when you finally clean it you’re friend comes over and messes it up!!!!! The same thing goes with wires so if you want to know how they related read my report is also!!! It about what it is and does, the word wi-fi, what is the point of wi-fi, and who uses it.

 What wi-fi is & what it does

Wi-fi does many things. Wi-fi is a wireless thing that you can connect things with out cords. If you are sick and tired of cords everywhere then this is a miracle for you!  It looks like a box with 2 antennas.  They cost about $100.


This word “Wi-fi” is important.  The word wi-fi stands for wireless fidelity.  Wireless means no wires.  Fidelity means accurate.  So Wifi means no wires connected to the Internet accurately.

What’s the point of wi-fi? Some people ask, “What is the point of wi-fi?”  Its like my intro wires can get messy and when you organs the wires and they just get messed up again… well wi-fi is wireless!

Who uses wi-fi?






I hope you liked my report wi-fi is the best!!!!!!!!!






                                         The End