Say good-bye to pollution say Hello to Hybrid Car

By Mr. NoOne


Pollution, Pollution, Pollution.  ItÕs very bad for you--like, really bad. Do you like breathing in bad air? Nobody does, of course! But you breathe it in anyway.  I feel bad for you guys.  If you read my report you might be able to kill pollution like, like a diver kills all those shrimp.  Kill pollution like divers kill shrimp. (Shrimp is good—pollution is bad.) So in this report I will teach you about what it is or does, its history, and how it works. 

What it is or Does

What does the Hybrid car do wait, IÕll tell you.  A hybrid car can go a lot farther than a normal car. A hybrid car can actually go 50 miles a gallon. It also saves the environment and decreases pollution by 90%(according to Mary Bellis). A hybrid car works on most terrain except for water. Hybrid cars can do a lot of other cool stuff but they cannot go faster than other famous cars. (It canÕt not go faster than Corvettes, Vipers, or FerrariÕs or other fast cars like that.) 

What the cow is a hybrid car?  The hybrid car is a new car that has a rechargeable battery. It makes less pollution and it uses less gas. A hybrid car actually has better radio than a normal car, because of the antenna it has an easier way of transmitting to your car. A hybrid car uses less gas so there is less pollution.

What does the word Hybrid mean and why is it so important? According to Mr. Welch Hybrid means two power sources working together.  So, a hybrid car uses electricity and gas. A funny example of hybrid would be football.  One source of power is the arm power (throwing). The other source of power is the leg power (running). So, if all you did were throw, your arm would get way tired.  But since we are using arms and legs, you use less arm power.

 How it Works

There are sweet things about the hybrid car like the sweet things about steak.  These are some of the features installed in a Hybrid Car like the juicy juice in steak. In a hybrid you can choose to use your battery, or your gas tank or both your gas engine and your battery, like you can choose your steak. Also your battery will recharge when you press on your brake your battery will be recharged, how that works is simple when you press on your brake the friction energy will go to the battery and charge it. 

How the heck do you make the Hybrid car function? According to The hybrid car functions like a normal car it just has different parts to it, for instance a normal car does not have a battery that they can use to drive there car. A hybrid car functions a lot different if you really think about it, for one thing on a normal car you canÕt choose if you want to run on your battery or your engine or both. For another thing you canÕt charge your battery when you press on the brake. So when you think about it you can see that a hybrid car functions the same and different.

There are sooo many parts to a hybrid car.  There are a lot of parts to a hybrid car, like the antenna or the wheel rims. In this paragraph I am going to talk about those parts. First I am going to talk about the insides of a hybrid car. The insides of a hybrid car have a battery for the electric engine, and a gas motor for the normal engine. The outsides of a hybrid car have these items: it has an antenna, a windshield tires and most of the stuff a normal car would have.

A battery? In a hybrid car!?  In this paragraph I will talk about the battery of a hybrid car. The battery in a hybrid car is kind of big. It has a pipe thingy sort of thing that connects to the battery. You can choose to use your battery alone or use it with the gas engine. The battery has great features to it like you can charge your battery when you press on the brake think of that! It charges the battery automatically you donÕt have to plug it in anymore thatÕs awesome! Another thing is your battery has really good gas mileage isnÕt that sweet! 

Operation Hybrid car.  Operating a hybrid car is pretty much just as easy as a normal car it might, just might be harder than a normal car because there are some more buttons than a normal car, like the button that you can press to choose what engine you want to use. Other than that, I donÕt know whatÕs different than a normal car.

The History of the Hybrid Car.

Of course there were plans to the hybrid car!  The people who made the plans started in 1974 they started to make it in late 2000 the reason it took so long is because they wanted to make the car the best car in history or in other words they just wanted to make it AWESOME! So now that you get the point we can move on. The original plans were good but as the years came and went, they made the plans better until they couldnÕt make them better because they were perfect.

Somebody plagiarized? The hybrid car?  When the first hybrid car soled it did great in the marked, so other companies started to make them then, They started to make Hybrids and they started to sell because they were better companies so more people came, sooner or later they made a deal so that they could make hybrid car and so the original company got some of the money.

2000 the first Hybrid car was sold.  According to Hybrid in 2000 the first hybrid car was finished, some people say that it was made and finished in 2000 but Navistar started to make the car towards the end of 1999. So all those other Ideas are fake, Very fake.


Pollution, what? Your still thinking about that no more of that itÕs against the rules now (Ha, Ha) Buy a hybrid and kill it like, like, like, shrimp kill pollution like shrimp unless you donÕt want to.