I wish I had Night vision

By 4th grade student


These phagraphs are about night vision and if you read it it will surprise you about how it works what it does and what it is and a little history of night vision it has cool stuff that you can read but I cant tell you that because it will give it away so start reading.

What night vision is and does?

This cool paragraph is all about what night vision is. Night vision is something that helps the army and people like that.  For example, army people need to see whom theyÕre shooting.  In the old days the people in the army used to shoot their own people because it was dark.  Night Vision helps you see in the dark and can save peopleÕs lives.

This paragraph is about what night vision does.  Night vision is something that   helpÕs people see in the dark. So they donÕt shoot each other and in the army and the people that hunt and that kind of people need to see the stuff they are doing so they donÕt do the wrong thing.

This paragraph is about who uses night vision. Acording to wikianswers Night vision is really cool it saves peoples lives mostly the army uses it cause they use to shoot good people so they invented night vision to help it so they do to  not shot there own people.

How night vision works

This paragraph is about how night vision works. Night vision works by putting it on your eyes and then you turn it on and you look in it and you can see in the dark and one of them is a wind shield on a car and it makes it so you now what is in front of you. 

This paragraph is about what night vision runs on. it runs. On electricity and it works very very well people in the army probably like it most because it saves their lives. And the hunters like it so they can see what they are shooting.

This paragraph is about night visionÕs parts It has the scoop that you look out of it has the part that keeps it on your head it has really cool parts that make it comfortable.

This paragraph is about one of the pieces.. There is one piece that they made so it makes it so you can see like a cat and there is movies about it that show how it works.

History of night vision

This is a paragraph of the data and etc. The people in world war two invented night vision so they could see who they were shooting and alot of people are proud of it.

This is a paragraph on how night vision was invented. They made it in a machine because if they didnÕt they would not be able to see because they wouldnÕt have some for as many people use it.

This is a paragraph on how made it.  The world war two made it so they could see at night so they would not shot their partners.

This paragraph is about when night vision was made.  The night vision was invented during world war two they really liked it a lot.


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