ABS Brakes can Save Your Life

By: Mr. Cat


LetÕs say you were on an airplane, and it had been raining.  LetÕs say you are going in for a landing.  When the wheels touch the ground to land, what would you do if, out of nowhere, the airplane starts slipping and sliding, and the airplane flips over? IÕll tell you what you would do.  You would die, and so would the airplane. ThatÕs when a special system would come in handy. Keep reading if you want to find out what could stop that tragedy. This report is about what ABS brakes do, how ABS works and what cars come with ABS.  Happy reading.

What ABS brakes do?


This report is about ABS and what it does. ABS is a system that stops your car or airplane quickly when you need it to stop. You do not want to slam on your brakes so they lock up. If your brakes lock up, you and your car might fly into a tree and die.  You think IÕm kidding, but your car will end up in the car cemetery (junk yard)

How ABS work


How does ABS work? ABS uses a system that when you slam on your brakes usual cars brakes lock up but the ABS system is so awesome it does the whole thing for you it adumadicly pumps the brakes, it makes it so that you can have control while you are braking. If you are going over snow or ice a normal car will skid a car with ABS will stick to the road.

The sensors.  The sensors are the centerpieces of the ABS system because they detect wither ABS needs to turn on or if they have control. The sensor looks at the road if the driver slammed on the brakes and then it sees if the you skidding on the road.

Who invented ABS. Who invented ABS Gabriel Voisin? Gabriel Voisin invented ABS. What a wonderful idea.   

What was ABS first invented for? Well ABS was invented for Airplanes. Airplanes were falling over on the slick run way the airplanes need it so they would not fall over. So they made ABS for the airplane first.

Which vehicles need ABS the most?  Well a lot of cars could use ABS, but semi-trucks really need ABS. IÕll show you why.  Semi-trucks are huge monsters on the road, and they are a huge wreck waiting to happen. If you are driving to the side of a semi-truck and it starts to slide out of control, what will happen if it doesnÕt have ABS?  The trailer could slide right in to your car. Home run!  The car is like the baseball and the trailer is like the bat. Batter up!  So, donÕt you think semi-trucks need ABS?  According to Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Federal Highway Administration, most semi-trucks do.

What cars you can buy that comes with ABS?

What cars come with ABS?  Well all sorts of cars like my teacher has a very old 1992 Honda Accord and it have ABS. My dadÕs car has ABS and it is a 2006 Sonata. See my point all sorts of cars have the Anti-lock Braking System. Not just the new and fancy cars that is so expensive 

What does Anti-lock mean.  Anti means that it is not or not available. Lock I am sure that we all know what lock means but I will tell you any way.

Lock means to close some thing and you cannot open it. In this case you add the two things together and you get Anti-Lock. Which mean that the brakes donÕt lock.

Why do normal cars without ABS skid in snowy weather?  Well the cars without ABS brakes will lock up and will slide and crash. They do not have any control and they will not stop in control.

Saying goodbye.

Well I have told you many facts about ABS and how to stay safe on the road, I have also told you what cars have ABS just so you might take a look. Thank you for reading my technology report.