ABS is a auto braking system

By Wolf


Do you like automatic windows?  All you do is push a button, and down comes the window.  How would you like it if your brakes were automatic, just like the window?  All you do is push your brake very, very hard, and ABS is on.  In this report, you will learn what ABS is and what it

What it is and what it does

This paragraph is about what ABS is. Mr. Welch. ABS helps your car stop when you need it. It doesnŐt skid across the street. 


This paragraph is about what ABS does. According to Karim Nice, what ABS does is it helps your car break faster. ABS is the best automatic break ever.     


How ABS Works

This paragraph is about how it works.  According to Karim Nice, if you need to stop quickly, you slam on your brakes.  If you have ABS, your brakes will never slid across the street. For example, when you slam on or brakes. Your wheels have sensors. Your brakes are pumping so you have prefix brakes.             


I hope you liked this report.