The TV that changes everything

By a boy


Have you ever wanted to steal an HDTV from a neighbor, or a store? To watch TV with the best picture ever. Well if you want to know anything about HDTV you have to read my report. This report will be about HDTV what HDTV is, what it does and a surprise.  

What HDTV is and does

 Read this itŐs amazing! HDTV stands for hi definition Television.  HDTV has a clearer smoother picture HDTV is better than TV. HDTV is a TV that gets fewer channels, but those channels sure look nice.  With HDTV it looks like youŐre there in that place at that time at that year. 


What does HDTV do well read this. According to Mary Bellis, HDTV has fewer channels but has the best picture ever. HDTV is so good I canŐt say how good the picture is.  


How it Works

These are what pixels are.  One pixel is a little, tiny dot on your screen.  The dot can be blue or purple or green or any color.  Normal TV has about 300,000 dots, or pixels.  But HDTV has 2,473,600 pixels.  Wow!  When you have more pixels, the screen looks way awesome better.  For example, when you have $900, thatŐs pretty good. But when you have $6,300, thatŐs way awesome better.


Now you know why HDTV is the best TV you can get.