The wonderful world of Wi-Fi


By someone


Do you know what Wi-Fi stands for? I do. I am so willing to tell you. If you think Wi-Fi stands for wife finding, youÕre wrong.  If you think Wi-Fi stands for why fly, then youÕre even wronger (is that really a word?)   If you want to know the real meaning, you will have to read my report. In my report I will tell you what Wi-Fi is and does, how Wi-Fi works the history of the Wi-Fi and much more. LetÕs go.

What Wi-Fi is and does.

What is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is a wireless connector that you can connect to what has a lot wires. Example you can connect 3 computers, 2 laptops and a Nintendo to the Wi-Fi.


What does Wi-Fi do? Wi-Fi can connect to computers and other electronics wirelessly. It is very special.

Who uses Wi-Fi? The people that use Wi-Fi are the people who have a lot of wires in their home. They also are the people that have money to afford it.


 How Wi-Fi works.                                                            

How dose Wi-Fi work? Wi-Fi works with a little chip that is in the electronic thing you want to connect to the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi helps a lot because you donÕt have wires.


What does Wi-Fi use to send information? The signals of the Wi-Fi send information through the air to the electronic chip and back to the Wi-Fi.


What kinds of things connect to Wi-Fi? As I said before the Wi-Fi has a little chip. So does the thing you connect to it.

History of the Wi-Fi.

What is the data of Wi-Fi? According to Marshall Brain the Wi-Fi was invented in the Netherlands. AT&T was the company. Wi-Fi was made in 1991.


Who is the inventor?  The inventor of the Wi-Fi is Vic Hayes. He is known as the father of the Wi-Fi.

Other information

The code name.  The code name for the Wi-Fi while it was in the store was WARP.


The amazing Wi-Fi robots.  Is there a Wi-Fi robot? There is! The Wi-Fi robot sometimes has a camera on the face part. This will let you have the robots at your house and you can be at work with your computer and see what your family is doing. ThatÕs pretty awesome donÕt you think.

Does Wi-Fi cost a lot of money? The Wi-Fi is $75-$200. That is a lot but itÕs worth it.


Are there problems with the Wi-Fi? You have herd all the good stuff about Wi-Fi. But did you now that the Wi-Fi has something really bad about it? People can brake into your personal stuff if you use a Wi-Fi. That is really scary and unsafe.


Now do you know what Wi-Fi stands for? Do you get why it stands for that? I hope you have learned something about Wi-Fi from my report. I know I have as IÕve been researching. Thank you for taking time to read my Wi-Fi report.