By: Barb E. Doll


Do you know the difference between HD TV and normal TVs? I do and if you read my report you will. After you read my wonderful report you will probably learn something new and amazing, like how HD TV is clearer and how it has three wires in the back.    

What HD TV is and does.

What is HD TV and how does it work?

  HD TV is a lot like normal TV but it is so much clearer. According to Mr. Welch HD TV has seven times as much pixels as a normal TV. Wow, thatÕs a lot. In the back of a TV there is a wire that makes the screen colorful.


How it clearfully works. As you know the HD TV is a lot clearer because of all the pixels. Pixels are on computer and TV screens. They are little dots on screens. People usually donÕt notice them until they look really lose You also know that there are three wires on an HD TV. There is a wire for green, a wire for blue, and a wire for red.  Then they can mix for a different color. You think it would be yellow for the green wire. ( says Julia Layton) Then it would be the primary colors. Well, itÕs not.   


What it stands for. YouÕre probably wondering what HD TV stands for. The H in HD stands for High. High as in the number of pixels.  The D in HD stands for Definition. ( says Mr. Welch) Every one knows what TV stands for. In case you donÕt it stands for Television.




In conclusion IÕd like to thank you for reading my report on HD TV.  I hope you learned something new about the clearest TV ever. Also known as HD TV.









Jocelyn Oaks