The Car that will save your Life

By Smiley Girl


Do you want to save money?  Do you know what the word Hybrid means?  Have you wondered why they call a Hybrid Car a Hybrid Car? You will have to read my report to find out.  You will learn what a hybrid car is, how it works, and the history of it.

What a Hybrid Car is and does

This is about who invented the Hybrid Car.  This is who the inventor was.  According to Drey Peterson. His name was Victor WoukÕs.  He was also the engineer of the Hybrid Car.  He was a genius to invent the Hybrid Car because lots of people like it and they do and did sell fast.


This is a about the Hybrid Car. 

 Lets talk about what Hybrid means.  According to Mr. Welch.  A Hybrid Car is a car that runs by two kinds of sources.  ThatÕs why they call it a Hybrid Car because it runs by two sources.  A Hybrid Car works by gas and electricity.  One type of the Hybrid Car only uses gas to turn on the generator.  The generator charges the battery and it also provides power to run the motor.  So Hybrid Cars DonÕt really use as much gas.  ThatÕs good because then there is not a lot of pollution in the air.


 This is about what a Hybrid Car does.

 Gas is really, extremely, outrageously expensive.  It is $3.00 (and more) per gallon!  So, if my dad fills up his Suburban, it costs our family $120 just for one tank of gas.  Instead of gas, I wish we could spend that money on Christmas presents.  A hybrid car is amazing because it costs way less in gas.  Also there seven different colors a Hybrid Car comes in.  IÕm sorry but I donÕt know what the colors are incase you were wondering.



 How Hybrid Cars work

This is a about how Hybrid Cars work.  Hybrid Cars are truly amazing.  Hybrid Cars look like any other car but works differently.  Hybrid Cars work like this.  A Hybrid Car has a battery inside of the car that makes it work. That is using electricity. It also works by gas. These are the two sources. These two sources switch when you stop at a red light.  IsnÕt that fascinating!   Gosh!  I wish I had a Hybrid Car.





 History of Hybrid Cars

This is History of the Hybrid Car.  The history of the Hybrid Car is like this.  It was an incredible thing that happened every one was so excited when they heard the Hybrid Car had been invented.  The people were also celebrating the new Tokyo Hybrid Car after a while.  A Tokyo Hybrid Car is just like an ordinary Hybrid Car but is way more stylish and cool.    There are 7 different types of Hybrid Cars today. ThatÕs pretty cool.  Hybrid Cars are a great type of car and that is the history of the Hybrid Car.


         This is about how many Hybrid Cars theyÕve sold.  These people are really good at selling I guess because they have sold over 150,000 Hybrid Cars.  I bet they still have a ton more to sell too and I think theyÕve sold a lot more than 150,000.       


Hybrid Cars are a great thing that happened in this world.  I know you probably have more questions that I didnÕt answer and IÕm sorry.  But hey thatÕs life. I hope I get a Hybrid Car someday.  Why?  You ask because they are really very cool in so many ways.