Wi-Fi is better than a lot of wires.

By   Zo Millheart    


          If you see a man in your back yard with a laptop and he is

          Trying to steel your Wi-Fi, what if he steels your identity, social security number, and credit cards. Just read ahead to find out how to stop it and be safe with wi-fi. This report is about what Wi-Fi means what it is things you can do with Wi-Fi and a few surprises.

What a Wi-fi does and what it is.             

 Wi-Fi is in a simple way. Wi-fi is an Internet finder and wireless (like, you can hook to it)


 The many things you can do with WiFi. According to Vic      Hayes, he was the one who invented wi-fi.  You can use wi-fi for sending letters.  Also, The whole reason we have WiFi is so that we can connect to the Internet (or other computers) without wires. It uses invisible signals (like radio signals) that travel through the air, instead of through wires.
 Think about it. If you have 3 computers, a Wii, and an iPod Touch, would you rather have 3 wires for the computers, another wire for your Wii, and another wire for your iPod, or would you just like WiFi? I think that's an obvious question.

How the Wi-fi works.            

This paragraph describes how the Wi-fi works. First you type something and then if you try to send it, it will send it with out wires.