The Superhero That Could See Through Darkness

By Kunta Kinta


˙žImageGlue JPEG ExportThere is some thing really cool about night vision.  Did you know they make it for other devices besides goggles?  They make it for cars, cameras, and guns.  Also, they make it for something that will surprise you.  However, you will have to read my report to find out what it is. This report will teach you about itÕs history, what it is and does, who uses it, how it works why they made it, and what parts they have on it.

What night vision is and does.

Do You Know What Night Vision Does? Did you know that cats could see exactly like the night vision goggles? Another thing that is cool is night vision can see in 2 ways. They see in heat vision and night vision. Did you know that they have night vision in cars?        (Mr. Welch)


This Is What Night Vision Is. Night vision is like a devise that you put over your eyes and so it will let you see when itÕs dark. And it can only be used in inferred light.  (U.S. ARMY. Com)

 What who uses night vision, how it works, why they made it, and what parts they have on it.

Who uses night vision? I know that firemen use night vision; people who are in the army use it too. Also policeman use it and those people use it to save the country.  (Mr. Welch)


Night Vision Works Like This. First you put it on your face. Second you turn the switch. Last you choose what mode you want either night vision or heat vision. The way to choose those 2 things is you have a dial and you turn it and see which one you want to use by turning the dial thatÕs easy. 

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This is the parts they have on the night vision goggles. The pieces that they have on the night vision are this one dial that you turn to pick night vision or heat vision. And these lenses on the things that you see through. And this thing-popping out so you can either see in heat vision or night vision. And they have this one thing that sticks to your eye thatÕs white and this metal circle around that whole thing.  (U.S.


Night vision helicopters. Well you know how you need to use helicopters in the night sometimes. There is a helicopter that has night vision hooked up to it and then when you use your helicopter in the night you can see so you will not crash and die.  (MARY BELLIS)


When did they make night vision and who made it? You might look on the Internet just 1 time to see who invented night vision. You might see a lie and believe it, but I saw the U.S. in a lot of websites. The U.S. army invented it. They made it around world war two thatÕs like 1947 thatÕs along time ago and they look so nice itÕs pretty cool.    (U.S.


I hope you liked my report itÕs pretty cool learning about night vision so you could see in the dark. I wish I could see in the dark that would be awesome.