My magically delicious report on Hybrid Cars     J

By the boi who everyone want to be.  Intro Hey have you ever been surprised, I mean like the kind of surprise from finding out so many interesting stuff well if you have not than read my paragraphs about hybrid cars and than you can tell all your friends you have before. I mean IÕll tell you about the gas price and how to charge it. I will also tell you how much power it has.

What it is and does

This paragraph is about what a hybrid car is. A hybrid car is half gas and half electricity so it can save gas money. Also Hybrid means two power sources put together. Even though it is half gas and part electricity, gas is still really expensive but you wonÕt need gas that much. I think the gas price is $3.00 per gallon. ThatÕs a lot!

This paragraph is what hybrid cars do. According to Mr. Welch, Hybrid cars are used for driving and to get to places faster because it does not have stop at gas stations that much. So instead it can just go straight to the place the driver wants to go. Also the hybrid car is kind a like a football player. Because all the power it has.




 How hybrid cars works

This paragraph is about how hybrid cars work. According to my to Toyota, Hybrid cars run by a different kind of engine. It is different than a regular car. Also, batteries and an electric motor run it. Because like I said in almost all my paragraphs it is run by electricity and by gas.

This paragraph is about how hybrid cars recharge their battery.  Hybrid cars run by a different kind of engine. It is different than a regular car. Still hybrid cars have to charge or they wonÕt work. There are three ways to charge it but I only- know one and it is while your driving when you hold down the break it will charge.

This paragraph is about how hybrid cars are helpful The hybrid car is really helpful to our world because it does not spread that much pollution.

                             History of hybrid cars

This paragraph is about the history of the hybrid cars. I know that hybrid cars are really useful for the world and that it doesnÕt use that much gas and use more electricity than it use gas.   Also it does not use that much gas.

Inventor of the hybrid car

The inventor of the hybrid car is not a person itÕs a company. The company that invented hybrid car is Toyota. I think they made it because the gas price and they can get more money cause it can go for a long time without getting gas. But when they do get gas it doesnÕt need that much.

This paragraph about the four-wheel hybrid car

I know that there can be a four wheel drive because when I did the research on hybrid cars I found Toyota truck that are hybrid cars. I found one paragraph that tells about the four-wheel drive truck and it runs really good.



 So thatÕs what I learned while studying hybrid cars