Why watch normal TV when you can get HD-TV.             

 By The Red Lobster


Do you hate the fuzz on you TV well there is a TV that there is a TV with no fuzz read my report and you can find out how it works and what it does.

What HDTV is and does

This paragraph is about what HDTV is.  HDTV is a TV that has way more pixels than a normal TV does. It has much better picture than a normal TV does they are mostly bigger than a normal TV.  Some are more flat.  It’s “easier” on the eyes.



This is about what HD-TV does. HD TV Is a really good TV it has good picture it works better than normal TV.



This paragraph is about what HDTV stands for.  HDTV stands for High Definition TeleVision, but some people call it high-def.  The “high” means higher number of pixels.  The definition means clearer, smoother picture.  And everyone knows what the television means. 


This paragraph is about other devices going high-def. There are several gadgets going HD.  For example, HD TV the I-ipod HD video camera HD radio.

 How Strong is a HDTV

This paragraph is about the power of HDTV. The HDTV is a very strong it can waste a lot of power but it works a lot better than a normal TV

This paragraph is about how it works. The HD-TVs main cord is the power cord if you did not have one the HD-TV would not work.



Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.