Do Cars Have Night Vision?

By PorM3999


Do you know someone from the military? Do they work at night? Do you know anyone who got killed by someone on their side? That is why night vision was invented because of people dieing. Read my report to find out more.  These are the categories in my report.  What night vision is and does, and How night vision works.                                                     

What Night Vision is and Does

This paragraph is about what night vision is. Night Vision is something that looks kind of like a pair of binoculars and it helps you see in the dark, like a cat.

This paragraph is about what night vision does.  Night vision, as you probably know, allows you to see in the dark by absorbing some of the light around you and taping a video and with the light you can see farther and better than you could see without night vision.

Who uses night vision.  Many people use night vision some of the people that I know that use night vision are the military.  They use it because when they aim to shoot they might be aiming at someone on there side.  Another person I know who uses night vision are hunters. Some hunters like to hunt in the dark and so they use night vision to see the animal that they are aiming at. More people are is police. They sometimes use it for looking at places where they think something important might be.


How Night Vision Works

Is night vision in cars?

Yes night vision is in cars and it can alert you if an animal or person is in the road and even has a screen so you can see for yourself if there is something in the road. The range you can see is one hundred and fifty meters. According to my mom and dad that at the top of the windshield is a great place for the camera that tapes the video that you see in the car, they say that it helps it see what people canŐt see with the are eye. 

        How to operate night vision. Operating night vision isnŐt that hard to do. Really all that you have to do is turn it on and put it up to your eyes at first it might take a while to get used to seeing everything in green but soon youŐll get used to it. 




That is all I know about night vision I know if it is in cars, the basic way to operate it, and more.