Hybrid Cars the cool kind of cars

By A fourth grade student


How would you like to make money while playing videogames? It would be really cool but how would you like it if you could charge a battery by putting your brake on? You can do it by getting a hybrid car. If you HATE the price of gas you can get a hybrid car to save money on gas. If you want to know more read this report. (It will be a lot easier than going on the Internet I have tons of.) This report will tell you about what a hybrid cars is and does, a little bit of hybrid cars history, and some other things about hybrid cars.

What a Hybrid Car is and does

This will tell you what a hybrid car is.

According to Mr. Welch, A hybrid car is a car that runs half gas half electricity. Hybrid cars are really popular because of saving gas money but hybrid cars are really expensive but gas is really expensive to, but think of it this way spend your money on gas the rest of your life or buy a hybrid now and save money the rest of your life. Most people just keep their normal cars because there are still good. ItÕs not like there outlawed! But if youÕre buying your first car think about hybrids.

 This paragraph is about what a hybrid car does. According to Mr. Welch, You can charge it three ways, first, you can plug it in when you park, (like the olden days) the second way is you can charge it when your driving (like the present) but the third way is a way, you wouldnÕt believe you can charge it when you put your brake on (A totally new and cool way to charge your battery.) Hybrids also save you money for gas. Gas is $3.00 or more per gallon. So itÕs really expensive to fill your gas tank. But you can save all that money by having a car that runs on half gas half electricity. So you can spend your money on Christmas presents instead of gas.

You could save so much money by getting a hybrid car.


This paragraph is about some of the hybrid cars. One of the hybrids I m going to tell you about is one that ford made IÕm not sure what it is called but it is really cool. It has sensors that track sound and when you say what music you want played it will play (but it wonÕt play all music) and it has a built in phone.

Another one is one that Honda made it is the most fuel-efficient hybrid. That is all I know about kinds of hybrids.

There are also a few hybrid cars that run half on gas and half solar energy.


This paragraph tells about why hybrid cars were invented. According to Mr. Welch, Hybrid cars were invented to not put out as much pollution. And the word hybrid means two sources combined.

This paragraph tells about, do people buy more hybrid cars or more normal cars. According to Julia Layton, people still buy normal cars but since some people (most are not) are worried about the green house effect and some people just want to save more money, people are buying more hybrid cars. People are still buying more normal cars but they are buying more hybrid cars than they used to.

This paragraph tells about how hybrid cars work. According to Mr. Welch Hybrid cars have a gas engine and a motor to run on. Other than that and the fact that people put new stuff in them they are just like normal cars. For example, soccer is a hybrid you use running power and kicking power.

This paragraph tells about the difference between hybrid and electric cars.  The difference between hybrid and electric cars is that electric cars run on electric motors with little electric cells in them. However hybrid cars run on half gas half electricity.

History of Hybrid Cars

This paragraph tells about hybrid cars history. Hybrid cars do not have much history but they are getting better each year the first hybrid (was probably) normal but runs on half gas half electricity. And then they got a lot better.



That is what I know about hybrid cars. In it, it told you about what a hybrid car is and does, about some of the hybrid cars, about why hybrid cars were invented, about if people buy more hybrid cars or normal cars, about how hybrid cars work, about the difference between hybrid and electric cars, and about hybrid cars history.