Doing the boring stuff with a .

By pork the nerd


Will robots rule the world?  You have to read my report to find out.  I will tell you one thing you have to read all my paragraphs to find it.  So read all of them.  And then you will figure out if they will rule the world.  You will learn what robots do, how they work, and the history of them.



What do robots do?

This paragraph is about what a robot is.  A robot is a thing that does what you program them to do.  Like if you program them to hack computers like on star wars it will hack computers. If you program a robot to make other robots they can make other robots. That is what a robot can do.


This paragraph is about what a robot does.  A robot can do a lot of things like they can make other machines.  Robots are cool because they can do like any thing, but not all the same robot you have to program them then they do what you program to do. That is what is so cool about robots.


This paragraph is about how robots get their energy.  Robots get their energy from electricity.  Robots are cool because they are like computers; they get their energy from the same thing.  They both do what they are told to.


How robots work.

This paragraph is about how robots think. Well you know that humans use a brain to think but do you know how robots think?  Well that is what I am going to tell you about.  Well robots use a controller that is what they use.  Now that is really cool they just need a controller to control them.


This is a about the things that robots can do.

 Here is a quote from ŇRobots are machines that can perform some human tasks or imitate some of the things that a person can do.Ó That is true they are made to do things like a human so that a real human donŐt get hurt or die.


What do robots use?  According to Ann Hall, some robots use WIFI just like computers.  They use WIFI to use wire less connection. WIFI is very important to robots or you would have to do the same thing as a vacuum.  You would have to plug it in then you have to unplug it then you plug it in then you unplug it. That is one thing that robots use.


What can you compare a robot to? .  You can compare robots to cars in one way because they both have to be controlled so yes you can compare a car to a robot.  One other thing you can compare them to be a human because they look like humans and they do the same things as humanŐs robots do the things humans donŐt want to do.

History of robots.


This paragraph is about when the first robots were invented.  The first robots where made in about 1970Ős.  That means that they are 38 years old.  They are not that old.  That is when robots were invented.

This paragraph is about how robots improved over 38 years.  According to, robots look different then they used to.  They look like humans now but they did always look like that. They looked like boxes or something weird.  That is how they improved in looks over time


So you found out that they will probrobly not rule the world?  Everyone should have known that.   I got the rule the world thing from I robot.