The wonderful, wonderful thing about Lasik

By: Lee Lee


Hi! This is about a report on lasik. IÕm going to give you some samples about lasik I hope it grabs your attention like this paragraph is about lasik, who uses it, how lasik works. I canÕt tell you more about lasik because you have to read my report. So letÕs go ya. I want lasik because it helps you see well sweet.

What IT is and does

This paragraph is about what lasik is. Lasik is a special eye surgery that helps people who wear contacts or glasses. You can get it in so many places like L.A., and Florida, ect. I donÕt know any more places where you can get lasik.


Who uses IT? Who use lasik? Lots of people use lasik if there eyes or not shaped correctly also people who want to get ride of there glasses, or contacts. Lasik helps people that play sports because they can break their glasses, or lose a contact and they can crash. ThatÕs a great thing about lasik sweeeettttttt! According to my mom she said itÕs really good for your eyes.

How IT works

The way that your eye works is like a camera.  According to Mr. Appadurai; reviewed by Ms. Akila, the eye is like a camera. In a camera, light passes through a lens back onto the film. The cornea and lens are at the front of the eye.  They are like the lens of a camera. The retina is located at the back of the eye.  It is like the camera's film. In the normal eye, light shines through the cornea and the lens and goes to the retina.  Now, you can see. ThatÕs really cool.

How LASIK works (like what to expect). What to expect after lasik is that you canÕt drive for a long time because you have a batch on your eye.


       So I hope it grabed your attention and that you like it please come again and here is a picture of lasik