The Amazing Robots!!!

By a  Herminie 


LetŐs say you cannot pick up a 300 lbs. block.  Who are you going to ask for help?  That is why robots are invented.  This report will be about what a robot is and does. 

What a robot is and does

Robots are a made out of metal and robots do things that are dangerŐs things that are vary dangers to you.   According to Clayton Bailey, they are so cool to play with too. They are so good at helping people with dangers thing. That is so cool because they are made of metal. I think that robots are good not bad.


How does the robot work.

This paragraph is about how robots work. Topic Sentence. According to Julia Layton, the robot named Pleo has 32 sencers in its body. It also has 8 cameras. For that little body that is a lot.

Topic Sentence.  Finish paragraph.


I hope you think over How does the robot work and What it is and does. I hope you consider buying a Pleo.