Would you rather have a bunch of annoying tangled up wires all over your house or just  Wi-Fi?

By Justin Rivest


Have you ever wanted to just throw out your computer because of all the wires? Than you need the wi-fi. If youÕre wondering what wi-fi is and does and what the word wi-fi means or stands for and about the inventor of the wi-fi? Well youÕre about to find out. That is if you read my report.

What wi-fi is and does

This is what the amazing invention of the wi-fi is. According to Mr. Welch Wi-fi is something that will let you connect to the Internet without wires. Wi-fiÕs are like little machines that will let you connect to the Internet without any wires. IsnÕt that awesome. I think they should of started selling the wi-fi so long ago.



This is what the amazing extremely awesome invention of the wi-fi can do. According to Mr. Welch Pretty much all wi-fi does is let you connect to the Internet without any wires. Which of course is very helpful. Because if you didnÕt use wi-fi then all the wires would get all tangled with the wire that lets you connect to the Internet. Then you would never be able to tell which wire will let you connect to the Internet. And eventually all the wires will get ruined and then your computer wont work anymore. But with wi-fi you can connect to the Internet without any wires. So wi-fi is so much more helpful.  

Who uses wi-fi?

These are all the really cool people who use wi-fi.  A lot of people use wi-fi. I use wi-fi, my dad uses wi-fi (but on his cell phone). Everybody at my dads work uses wi-fi, my whole family uses wi-fi, all my friends use wi-fi, and so much more people use wi-fiÉ But I donÕt if those peoples use wi-fi. But IÕm pretty sure my computer teacher uses wi-fi. And my computer teacherÕs name is Mr.Welch. P.S. I think that Mr.Welch is the best teacher in the world. But thatÕs off the subject.





This is the kind of strange person who invented the wi-fi. According to about.com have you ever wondered who invented the wi-fi? Well then IÕll tell you. The person who invented the wi-fi is an English lady named Hedy Lamar. This guy kept asking Hedy to marry her. She said no every time he asked and one time he could make her rich and famous and she still said no. That night Hedy ran away to America. After a while in America she became a movie star. (In one of her movieÕs she had to run through the forest nude). Well that is all I know about Hedy Lamar. The inventor of the wi-fi.


This is what the completely strange word wi-fi stands for. Have you ever wondered what wi-fi stands for? Well IÕm about to tell you.     Well according to Catherine Roseberry, Wi stands for wireless and fi stands for fidelity. Wireless means connecting to something without any wires. Fidelity means accurate. Putting them together is just saying connecting to something without any wires accurately.


This is what the really cool outside of the wi-fi is made of.  Have you ever wondered what the wi-fi is made of? Well actually there are all different kinds of wi-fi so they have a few different outsides. Ummmmmmm there is DS wi-fi or computer wi-fi their outsides are plastic, or normal wi-fi has a metal outside, Wii wi-fi outsides are plastic, ipod wi-fi outside is plastic. And that is all I can think of.  



Well thatÕs the end of my report about wi-fi. Hope you enjoyed. Good by.

P.S. for all of you people who do not have wi-fi think about getting it. And when you are done thinking about it IÕm pretty sure youÕre going to say yes to getting wi-fi. And THAT is my report about wi-fi. Good by.



                             The End