BY a student


Have you ever wondered what stops your car so fast and safely? Well, this report will tell you so much about ABS and how it works and things like that. It will tell you what ABS is and does, how ABS works, and other stuff.

What ABS is and does

What is ABS?   ABS stands for automatic braking system ABS is brakes in your car so like on a slippery road you can stop quickly so you donŐt crash into the next car. When there was not ABS people had to pump the car now they donŐt have to cause now we have ABS. ABS is really cool!


What in the world does ABS do?  According to Charles Ofria, ABS pumps your car so you can stop quickly. Like a couple days ago, December 17 2007 my smart friend B. B. got in a car accident. Her car is still able to drive and it was not her fault. But the good thing is that nobody got hurt. She told me all about it and she said she was really scared. I would be really scared too. But she is glad she had ABS or else she would of got hurt or her mom or her baby sister. Also when I was in a car accident my family did get hurt and had to go to the hospital and stuff. But I am glad we had ABS or else my family would really be hurt. I am so glad we have ABS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


 How ABS works

.  This is really easy to understand. There are sensors in the back of the car that know when to stop and then the sensors make sure that the pumping is working and making sure the human is not pumping himself




        In my report you have learned about ABS. How it works and what it does, and what will happen if certain things occur.