Awesome things about HDTVÕs

By D-Ray


Do you really want to see the Super Bowl but you canÕt because your regular TV is blurry and wish you had High Definition. Then get a HDTV it tells you want you want too know about what could or not HDTVÕs do then read my report it tells you how many pixels it has and how clear is it and it tells you how much it cost and how big is it. If you want to know right know then read my report. 

What HDTV is and does

This paragraph is about what does HDTV is and does.    HDTV is another copy of a regular television but is more clear then the regular one. A HDTV is smoother and wider and flatter. HDTV is

This paragraph is about how HDTV works. According to Mary,Bellis  the amount of pixels HDTVÕs have is about 2 million wow know thatÕs a lot. According to   

This paragraph is about what does HDTV stands for.  HDTV stands for High Definition Television. The High meanÕs the a lotÕs of power. Definition means smoother and bigger. The first HDTV was invented in 1998. HDTVÕs can display TV, progressive-scan DVD, HDTV signals. According to Tracy V. Wilson HDTVÕs can play movies in their original widescreen without any letterbox?  


IÕm glad you read my report I hope you enjoyed it I wrote a lot of writing I loved my report did you well you learned about HDTVÕs and what they do and