The way you can see in the dark.

By super hobo


Can you really see warmth with night vision? You have to read my report to find out. In this report you will find out what night vision is to what it does and  much more!

What Night Vision is or Does

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This paragraph is about what night vision is. Night vision is a good way to see in the dark.  For example, if you are in the army, you donŐt want to shoot people on your ateam, so you use night vision.  Another example is hunters.  A hunter has to see if itŐs the right animal, because they might not have that license.


Night vision. The ability to wage battle at night is a great tactical advantage, but devices that let soldiers see well in the dark were not invented until the 1940s. Fighters illuminated land and sea battles with searchlights and flares at the beginning of the twentieth century, and star-shell artillery was used in the two world wars to cast light where it was needed. Then during World War II, both the Germans and the Allies developed more sophisticated night vision devices. This early night vision equipment consisted of an infrared filter placed over a searchlight. The observer looked through a binocular-like or telescope-like viewer that translated the infrared emissions into an electron flux displayed on a luminescent screen. Both the Germans and the Allies fitted their tanks with these viewers. But because both sides had infrared viewers, they could spot each.  searchlights. Even after a searchlight was turned off, it continued to emit enough infrared to make it a target. So use of this equipment was risky. My first paragraph will talk about how night vision works.

 How Night Vision Works

Topic Sentence . There are two ways night vision works the first way is infurred light.

Topic Sentence . You need to have a little light to use that c kind of night vision that is the second way to use it.

Topic Sentence . The animals can see inferred lights.

Topic Sentence. That is how the animals can see you in the dark.

Topic Sentence. If you buy night vision it really works.

History of night vision

Topic Sentence. The U.S. army in W.W. II invented night vision.

 ŇIn the Battle of Britain, in 1940, the British fighter pilot, John Cunningham, became the first person to shoot down an enemy plane with the help of radar c e.. In fact, in WW II, he was the RAF's top-scoring night fighter pilot, with a total of 20 kills. Some pilots were better flying in daylight, while others, like Cunningham, were better at night. His nickname was "Cats' Eyes". The RAF put out the story in the British newspapers that he, and his fellow night pilots, owed their exceptional night vision to carrots. People believed this to the extent that they started growing and eating more carrots, so that they could better navigate at night during the blackouts that were compulsory during WW IIÓ credit to how stuff works. com  .Topic Sentence. But this story was a myth invented by the RAF to hide their use of radar, which was what really located the Luftwaffe bombers at night - not human carrot-assisted super-vision. 

Topic Sentence. On one hand, not enough Vitamin A will make you unable to see at night. But lots of Vitamin A can be poisonous - and it definitely will not give you super-human vision at night.
  Topic Sentence. At the beginning of WW II, France, the UK, the USA, the Soviet Union, Italy, Japan and Germany each had explored and researched radar - but only the UK had developed a fully-functioning network. This network was called "Chain Home", and operated 24 hours per day from September 1938 until the end of the war.