Robots around the world and how they work. 

By scribbimac


This is about robots in history robots now and robots around the world! This report has a lot of links in it and really interesting facts about robots. This will tell about what robots do, how they work, and the history of robots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

What robots are and what does it do?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

This paragraph is about what robots are.  Robots are robotic machines that are sort of human like. And some of them are like servants to you. (P.S. I think everybody knows that.)

This paragraph is about what robots do.  Robots do a few things like some work for you and some just are fun toys and a few others do secret things for you. According to the Wi-Fi robot is something you can program it from any time you want as long as you have a computer to work it on. And a lot of he robots are used for doing things either to dangerous for humans or to boring. 

This paragraph is about how robots use WiFi. According to Robots use Wi-Fi to be greater. (And a little more expensive too.) Robots are so cool when they use WiFi because you can program off of computers.

This paragraph is about how you define the word “robot”. Robot comes from a play called R.U.R. it was a simple play. It went “man makes robot” then “robot kills man. And robots are for doing something either to boring or to dangerous for a human.

This paragraph is about what robots do with people.  According to Honda, Mark Frauenfelder on, and wickipedia robots are like toys, workers, or servants. Some like the ASIMO are servants. Robots like the PLEO are toys. And some I forgot to tell was some are for the military. And And robots like the industrial robots are workers. And robots like the swords robots are military robots. Plus the RQ-1 Predator is a remote controlled aircraft for the military. You can find the RQ-1 predator at and you can find the military robots at and you can find the industrial robot at and you can find the PLEO robot at and you can find the ASIMO robot at .


How do robots work?

This paragraph is what robots use to work.  According to a ton of websites on google Robots use a lot of little computers to work because only one of them would just make it sooooooo slow and (maybe) really stupid. And robots use sensors and a lot of different things that I cannot name.



This paragraph is about how robots work. According to lots of websites on google Robots work because they have all these little sensors and computers. And they walk and move and itty-bitty computers generate all that stuff.                                                                                     This paragraph is about what robots do to work. According to Honda and Mark Frauenfelder Robots do a lot of things to work. Some like the Pleo robot just work on little tiny computers.  Some like the ASIMO just get charged with a few big chargers. P.S. the ASIMO has a big battery inside it to get charged.

This paragraph is about what kinds of robots use to work. According to lots of things on google some robots use different kinds of things to work. Some use one computer and some use about six. Some robots like the Pleo robots use seven computers. And some like the mars rover uses one computer and a ton of technology.  

History of robots

This paragraph is about the history of ASIMOS! According to Honda ASIMO’s are some really good things in history. They first started out with the E0. The E0 is a really weird robot. It is covered in wires and stuff. It barely looks like a movable robot. It just looks like a weird computer. You can find the EO and all the other ASIMO’s at  Then there comes the E1 E2 and E3. They look a bit better than the E0. The E1 looks like a stiff legged robot with a computer head. And the E2 looks like a big black-headed robot with black stiff legs. And the final E3 looks like a big white weird robot with everything white and tons of little wires. The E4 E5 and E6 are much better. The E4 looks just like the E3 just red and faster walking. (The E5 and 6 are fast to.) The E5 looks like big silver headed and fast walker. The E6 has everything and more than the E5 has. And the E6 has just bigger legs. The P1 P2 and P3 are very different from each other. The P1 is a small really mechanical looking thing that it has a big silver head with a Honda sign on it.  And the P2 has a whole white body with bendy legs. And it has a big head that is see-through black and the head is square shaped. And the P3 looks almost like the P2 because it is white and it has a see-through black head but it also has a circular head. And it has bendable arms. Now the 2000 ASIMO is the best. It has a circular head but not see-through. And it has little eyes too. And its hands can curl up into a fist. And it can walk fast and still stay on its legs. Sometimes it is used for a servant or something like that. That is all I have to say about ASIMO history.


This paragraph is about a timeline of robots. The first word robot was used for a play called R.U.R. The play went like this man makes robot then robot kills man. In 1948 cybernetics were made. Cybernetics is for control and system for the robot. There is more of this timeline on 

This paragraph is about another timeline of robots.  Leonardo da Vinci made the anthrobot. The anthrobot is a mechanical machine. Gianello Torriano made the robot mandolin-playing lady in 1540. Joseph jacquard made a programmable loom in 1801. If you want to learn more about this timeline go to


 I hope you liked my report on robots. And now this is the end and I hope you had a good time. And thank you for reading.