The hybrid car saves money!!!!

By Super Cookies


 There is tons of ways to explain hybrid cars like, did you now that hybrid cars make you save money because the regular car is $50 or $100 dollars you will find out how much a hybrid cars are while you are reading the paragraphs. Some paragraphs are what is a hybrid car, what does a hybrid car do, how much is a hybrid car, are submarines hybrid vehicles and lots more. I hope you enjoy my hybrid car paragraphs.

What is a hybrid car?

This is about what is a hybrid car.  A car that runs on gas and electricity. One is an engine and the other one is a motor and it runs on two sources of energy one is gas the other one is electricity if you mix those two you will make a hybrid.  

I am going to talk about what does a hybrid car do.  It helps people who donÕt like very expensive gas price and it mixes two sources of energy so you would get real good gas mileage. You get less gas mileage witch it uses more electricity then gas.   

 How much is a hybrid car?

I am going to talk about how does a hybrid car work. According to Hybrid-electric vehicles combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors and can be configured to obtain different objectives, such as improved fuel economy, increased power, or additional auxiliary power for electronic devices and power tools. 

How much is a hybrid car. According to hybrid if you look on the Internet you would see how much it is and it is $20,920 because some are brand new.

How did the hybrid car in prove over time? A cording to hybrid It got cooler and more people started buying the car, you donÕt half to plug it in like the old days and the new car gets good gas mileage. When you press on the brake it recharges the battery. 

Are submarines hybrid vehicles?       According to Julia Layton and Karim Nice, Yes they are hybrid vehicles because they run on gas and electricity so you wonÕt haft to pay hundreds of dollars just for gas, so the submarines will use more electricity, which is why submarines are hybrid vehicles   

What does the word hybrid mean?       The word hybrid means that a car mixes electricity and gas but a hybrid uses more gas than electricity.


I hope you enjoyed my report did you learn something is all that I know about hybrid cars