Hybrid Cars Are Awesome!

                                By cooler th@n u


Want two know about an amazing car? Well this has lots of interesting facts about the hybrid car. I will tell you what it does how it works and the history.  Will hybrid cars be the only type of cars in the future? Read my report to find out. LetÕs start!

What is it? What does it do?

         Hybrid cars do some amazing things. According to Emily Mak hybrid cars are cars that use half fuel half electricity. They made it a lot easier to pay for gas. On most hybrid cars when you press the brake they re-charge the battery in the car. So, when you come to a stop the car will charge the battery.


This paragraph is about what it does. They make it a lot less expensive to pay for gas. Gas is about $3.00 per gallon! Wow thatÕs about $106.00 to fill up my momÕs car! Many people like hybrid cars because they donÕt use as much gas. And not only do you save money but you also create a lot less pollution.


How does it work?

This paragraph is about how it works.

It works like thisÉ it uses two sources: gasoline and electricity. Many people like hybrid cars. They help save money, make less pollution, and are nice cars.

History of hybrid cars

The brand that invented the hybrid car wasÉ  The company who invented the hybrid car was Toyota. They invented it in September 2006. They realized that the cars were using too

Much oil. It wasnÕt THAT bad but they thought they could change it a little bit by using an electric motor. It would create less pollution and cost less. ItÕs good that it doesnÕt need lots of gas because you would be paying about $3.00 a gallon. This paragraph is about how great hybrid cars are. Hybrid cars are good cars good cars because of all those reasons I said before. There: 1.cost you less money for gas. 2.They create less pollution. 3. They have really nice details. If you wanted to buy a hybrid car but didnÕt know if you could afford one, here are some ideas. A small two seater will cost about $20.000. A small four seater will cost about $22.000. And a four-door sedan will cost about $30.000. So will hybrid cars be the only type of cars in the future? Probably yes. Right now there not sure but it could happen.    


So the hybrid car is pretty much the best type of car because it saves you money and creates less pollution. I want a hybrid car when I am able to drive.