The big world of Wi-Fi.


By fire ball


Do you know what Wi-Fi does? Well if you donŐt I will tell you some stuff. If you want to know more, then you have to read the rest of my report. So, did you know that some gps systems have Wi-Fi well they do and alarms also have Wi-Fi too. so if you want to know more then you need to read the rest of my report. In this report you will find out what Wi-Fi is and the history of it.







What do you think Wi-Fi is people?

This is a paragraph about Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is special because Wi-Fi is able to have no wire for any technology it is hock up too.

What dose Wi-Fi stand for?  According to Mr. Welch, Wi-Fi stands for wireless meaning that there are no wires when it is connected to any machine. Fidelity meaning it is portable so you could bring the machine with you wherever you go.

What is Wi-Fi?  Wi-Fi is a machine that if you connect Wi-Fi to another machine like 1 cell phone, 2 computer, 3 internets and they will not have any wire with the machine.




   The awesome History of Wi-Fi.

Who made Wi-Fi?  Nobody knows.

Why is Wi-Fi so popular to adults?  It is because Wi-Fi makes other machines wire less.







How dose Wi-Fi work?  It uses invisible waves to connect to the other machine.












What dose Wi-Fi look like?   Wi-Fi would look like this and this.










So that is why Wi-Fi is so cool.