I canŐt stop watching HDTV

By A fourth grader


Have you ever hade a piece of gum and when it is time for dinner and you have to spit out your gum but you donŐt want to because it tasteŐs so good or something like that.  Well I know a TV that when t is Dinnertime and you just canŐt stop watching it well if you want to here what TV I am talking about then read the rest of my report. This report is going to be about what it is, what it dose, what the definition of it is, when it was invented, how did they invent it, how it works and why did they invent it.                                               

What HDTV is and dose.

What do you think HDTV is? According to my brother HDTV is very unique in many ways.  HDTV stands for HIGH DEFANISHON TV.  HDTV is a television, It has a lot better picture on the screen so that you do not have a screen that dose not have a good picture so it dose not hurt your eyes in any way.

What do you think HDTV dose?  According to my brother HDTV is a TV that playŐs shows and you can watch DVDŐs and you can also watch Videos.  You see there are three whirrs in the back of an HDTV That make the TV work.

What so think the Definition of HDTV is.  According to my step dad HDTV stands for HIGH DEFANISHON TV.  The word HIGH means it is higher in the number of pixels and the word DEFANISHON means that it has a very good picture for your eyes. And TV just means a television,  and so if you add all of those definitionŐs up then you end up with HDTV or High Definition Television.

How dose HDTV do it?

When do you think HDTV was invented? According to my steepdad HDTV was invented in the year of 1993. Imagine this try to put HDTV and the year 1993 together.   Well a lot of you might have thought that it was invented a lot earlier than that like in the 17Ős or the 18Ős well no HDTV was invented in the year 1993 and when I found that out I was surprised to.

How do you think they invented HDTV?  According my brother Some if you might be thinking, Ň How did they invent HDTV?Ó Well I can tell you HDTV was not easy to make and there were many, many companyŐs that came together and made the HDTV it took them at least six to seven months to get the first HDTV invented.

How do you think HDTV works?  According to Mr. Welch Well it is very simple the way that HDTV works is by three little cables in the back of the TV.  Each cable means a lot