The Amazing Device Made Like CatsÕ Eyes

By Power Girl


Have you ever gotten mad because itÕs too dark to see where youÕre going at night?  Have you ever not wanted to carry around flashlights to see in the dark?  I know a device that you wonÕt need to do that.  Do you know what device IÕm talking about?  Read the rest of my report to find out!J  I can tell you what it is, what it does, and how it works.

What Night Vision is and does

Night vision is like a flashlight, but goggles.  According to Mary Bellis, Night vision is a device that allows you to see in the dark.  I think night vision is also a life saver because I watched a video, which was in night vision, and since they had night vision, they rescued a girl.  Night vision is used for cars, cameras, helicopters, etc.  Night vision allows you to see in the dark.  However, it doesnÕt allow you to see in complete darkness.  Night vision saves TONS of lives.  It saves soldiers, firemen, policemen, and some day it could even save us. 


Who uses Night Vision? I bet I could name about 3 people or more who use night vision.  Armies, firemen, policemen, people who like to hike in the woods, etc.  I learned all of this from websites like,,,, etc.

How night vision works

Night vision is like you having catÕs eyeballs.  According to Mr. Welch, Night vision works like raccoons and catÕs eyes.  I think if you were to put on night vision goggles you would feel like a raccoon or a cat. To understand night vision, you need to know what Infrared light is. There are 3 kinds of light. There is visible light. That's the light that humans can see. There is Infrared Light. That's the light that cats and raccoons (etc.) can see. Then there is ultraviolet light. That's the light you can see in spook alleys if they have a "black light" turned on.