My wonderful HDTV rep

By ninja


DID YOU NO THAT THERES A HDIPOD!  You should read my report to find out.  My report has things about it has how it works, what it is, and history about it. So read my report to find out about an HDTV.  READ IT AND ENJOY IT!

What HDTV is or Does

This paragraph is about what HDTV is.  HDTV is a high definition television you can see it clearer than a normal TV.  HDTV has a lot more lines across the screen, than a normal TV.  That means that it has more pixels.  If you donÕt know what a pixel is read the next paragraphs from nridge .net [Welch]


This paragraph is about how HDTV works.  A pixel is a colored dot.  It is very little. It can be red or white or blue or any color.  An HDTV has tons of pixels.  ThatÕs why it is so clear.  For example, if you have some water for your plants, that is okay.  But if you have 7 times as much water for your plants then that I better because your plants will survive longer.


This paragraph is about.  Do you want to see clearly or a blur HDTV coed help you watch TV showÕs you can see the shows bettor because it has moor pixels moor pixelÕs meanÕs bettor pictures smile from how stuff


This paragraph


Ph is about other HD devices. According to Mr.Welch There is a HDipod you can hook it up to HDTV your HDTV it is riley cool you can high def television shows on your HD ipod.




This paragraph is about HDTV

I have 2 HDTV at my hawse it lookÕs assume the pictures are much clearer it is assume cool sweet     

 History of IT



Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.