Help Me Help Me My HDTV is TOO Clear!

By Zelda Pixie              


ŌMom! The TV is too fuzzy!Ķ I bet you say that if you donÕt have such an amazing thing such as HDTV! Well I donÕt have HDTV. But every time read this report man I wish I did. Lets see if you agree. So do you want to find out? Then read my report. Hey even people on the internet say that HDTV is really clear. According to Julia Layton the HDTV is the clearest television she has ever laid her eye on. Now well read my report. As in right now so read read.

What HDTV is and Does

This paragraph is about what HDTV is.  HDTV stands for High-Definition Television.  HDTV is a TV that is much clearer and sharper than normal TV.  It has better picture and sound.


This paragraph is about what HDTV does. HDTV does many wonderful things and looking clearer is one of them. How it does it is. It has a lot of pixels it also has three wires. Those wires are in the back of the TV. What they do is they give color to the TV. Such as blue red and green.


This Paragraph is about How HDTV Work. You well when you get an HDTV you have to by a separate DVD thing. I donÕt know what that does but you have to. It just doesnÕt come with it so you have to. That is weird I know so yeah. How it gets the pixels is through the wires in the back. That is cool donÕt you think.

 What Are Pixels

This Paragraph is About Pixels. Pixels are the little tiny things that able you to see your screen. Pixels are probably the most important thing of all in your TV. Also the most important thing is that you have HDTV. This is a good thing so try it.


Where Does The HDTV Come from? HDTV comes from the butiful lands of Japan. Of course I wouldnÕt know that because IÕve never been there. My friend says it is butiful. Any way it comes from Japan.


This Paragraph is About HDTVÕs History. As you know HDTV comes from Japan. And HDTV is one of the clearest TV in the world. So now you know HDTVÕs history. This is all you need to know.

What Does HDTV Stand For?

         What Does HDTV Stand For? HDTV stands for hi definition television. Now you know what HDTV stands for.



Now do you want a HDTV? Because I still do. Man I hope you enjoyed my report. Now you know a whole lot more about HDTVÕs. I bet if youÕre not an HDTV expert that you learned a lot more. Oh and a HDTV can even have a very clear frog on it