My Cat stole my sight

By a fourth grade student boy


Lets say that you were in the army and you were in Irac. And it is night and you were shooting people and you were thinking that you were shooting the other team but you werenÕt and you were shooting your own team. And you need night vision so you can see. This is about night vision it will tell you lots of stuff about night vision, such as how it works, what it is, and even about web cams.

Night vision works

This paragraph is about things that use night vision. Goggles use night vision.  For example, police use NV goggles.  Night Vision can be on scopes, like in the army.  Finally, the FBI uses NV cameras.  There are many devices that help us see with out light. That is night vision. 

This paragraph is about how night vision works.  Night vision works like this. According to wikipedea answer 1) Thermal Imaging: This is when NV goggles use heat to see. It uses a special light called Infrared to see things.  Then there is light amplification and light amplification is a small thing then it is big.





why did they invented night vision.  They invented night vision because people were dieing in the army because at night they did not now if they were killing the other team or killing they own tem mates. And allot of people were dieing on are team.


How did they make a night vision web cam?

How did they make a night vision web cam? According to leevonk, how to change your web cam so it can see in the dark. The CCDs of all digital cameras are responsive to infrared light (IR) as well as visible light. However, most web cams come with a filter installed to block out IR light. This makes the image less washed out but it keeps you from being able to see in the dark (using IR illumination). This intractable shows you how to remove the filter from a "Logitech quick cam chat". Removing the filter from other web cams will probably be a bit easier, but they all follow the same procedure.




I hope that you like my report. IÕm glad that they invented night vision for the army people and other people.